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The timing of Chelsea Flower Show also signifies the ideal time for aerating the ground. This is best done before the British summer strikes and lack of rainfall means the ground is hard.

Terrain Aeration report a considerable number of enquiries stemming from advice being given at the Chelsea Flower Show. The experts have been advising that aeration is vital for compacted soil, to relieve waterlogging and get oxygen to the root zone.

As a direct result Terrain Aeration have had numerous enquiries and requests from growers and landscapers for site inspections for flower gardens, lawns, a football pitch with adjoining cricket outfield and areas with trees.

"This is very much the right time of the year to aerate the ground, while the soil is moist at depth," says Terrain Aeration's David Green, "then it's better to wait until the rain comes again in September into October."

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