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PR4183 4 CylindersOnly a genuine Toro cylinder ensures tough-cutting success, says Lely

With the grass-cutting season in full swing, it is vital groundscare mowers are up to the challenge of frequent, efficient and reliable cutting to ensure jobs are completed on time.

For all those operating Toro machinery, replacing old or worn cutting cylinders with new units from the Genuine Toro Parts range is the only way to ensure the perfect fit and function needed to ensure the mower's superior cutting ability. That's according to distributor Lely UK, who says fitting a genuine Toro cylinder, against an inferior 'will-fit' part, is the one way to guarantee peace of mind for groundscare professionals working to tight schedules in tough cutting conditions.

Whether operators choose a 4, 6, 8 or 10- blade cylinder to replace or upgrade old ones, Toro cylinders don't just make tall grass short like many 'will-fit' inferior quality parts, they guarantee a more efficient cut and reduce the risk of damage to the machine.

That's because Toro cylinders are made of high boron content carbon steel, which gives them greater impact resistance to spurious parts. Less power is required, too, which is down to the fact that they have a reduced surface area with the bottom blades, making them more efficient.

Lely says that using genuine Toro cylinders saves time, too. That's because, by investing in a cylinder that fits perfectly, operators are spared the time-consuming job of grinding the cylinder to reduce abrasive wear between the blades and
bottom blade.

Dan Dubas, from sales and marketing for Toro Parts at Lely, comments: "The only way to guarantee superior performance in form, fit and function is to opt for genuine Toro Parts. Plus, should you need a new cylinder, you can rely on Lely and Toro to supply the part you require within 24 hours to prevent extended downtime."

For more information on Toro's cylinders, contact distributor Lely UK's Toro Parts department on 01480 226870, email turfcare.parts.uk@lely.com or visit www.toro.com.

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