0 Headland confident of New, Super Concentrated Spray Indicator

Signal-Marker-21.jpg Headland are so confident that their new, non-toxic spray indicator SUPER SIGNAL BLUE is more concentrated than others on the market that they suggest turf managers test it for themselves.

"Field trials during the product assessment period showed that the inclusion rate for SUPER SIGNAL BLUE could be significantly reduced compared with that of existing pattern indicators," says Headland's Technical Director, Mark Hunt. "We're suggesting that the first time people use it, they try it at the same inclusion rate as their normal product to gauge for themselves just how concentrated SUPER SIGNAL BLUE'S formulation actually is."

As well as providing visual evidence of the whereabouts of spray applications, thereby eliminating waste due to overlap, SUPER SIGNAL BLUE indicates drift, and potential nozzle blocking - an important factor with the increasing use of shrouded booms. This money saving new product dissipates with sunlight or moisture and will not permanently stain vegetation, soil or human skin.
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