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European Chemical Health Agency (ECHA) PUBLIC consultation.

The use of END OF LIFE TYRES (ELT)-derived granules in synthetic turf pitches has recently received high public attention in a number of EU countries. Concerns have been raised because of the presence of carcinogenic chemicals and the human health risks associated with using these pitches. The current permissible concentration limits applicable for supply to the general public are set at 100 mg/kg for two of the eight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs relevant to the proposal and 1000 mg/kg for the other six.

Given these current applicable concentration limits, the restriction proposal identifies how an unacceptable risk to human health would arise as a consequence of the use of PAH-containing granules and "mulches" as infill material in synthetic turf pitches and in loose form on playgrounds and in other sports applications. In addition, the risks to workers has been considered.

The proposed restriction outlines that the suggested concentration limit would ensure the cancer risk from PAH exposure remains very low for those coming into contact with granules and "mulches". The proposal aims at alleviating societal concerns about the possible negative health impacts resulting from the use of infill material containing PAHs in artificial sports pitches.

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Pitchcare is contributing to this open consultation and in doing so in particular we ask you to complete this very short 1 to 3 question survey (depending on your response), based on the following enquiry:

"Do you have any information on the current practices and measures used to control worker exposure during the installation and maintenance of synthetic turf pitches, playgrounds, or in other applications?"

Please click the button below to complete your answer, all responses will be anonymised. It will only take a few moments of your time. We would be grateful if you could respond swiftly.

ECHA Public Consultation
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