0 High work rate 10.4 metre wide Trilo mower from The Grass Group

Trilo have introduced their first wide area mower into the market with a massive 10.4 metre working width and designed for high productivity in the most extreme conditions. Exclusively available in the UK through The Grass Group, the Trilo name is synonymous with a range of blowers, scarifiers and vacuum sweepers.

Trilo R10

The R10's natural home will be the turf growing industry where a cutting capacity of 15 acres an hour will mean it is the ideal partner to the current Trilo turf care range. Its 12 independently mounted 910mm floating mowing cylinder heads follow contours and uneven ground flawlessly offering a high quality of cut in all weather conditions.

The combination of the open cylinder units and tube frame construction means that clippings are dispersed evenly across the turf. Cutting height can also be quickly and easily adjusted with just the one tool provided with the machine.

The unit is mechanically driven and only requires a 55HP tractor as a minimum meaning that substantial fuel savings are achieved over other large area mowers.

Trilo R10 Folded

The surprisingly low weight of the Trilo R10 reduces stress on the surface and makes the grass less susceptible to disease. The unique fully foldable chassis of the R10 reduces the overall width down to 2.5 metres. In addition to easy transportation of the unit from site to site (at 2.5m the R10 is permitted to access public roads in Europe) it also means tight turns can be easily manoeuvred when in use.


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