0 Honda introduces ‘high inclination’ engines

GX270 INCLINED[3]Honda has announced the introduction of new GX "high inclination" engines designed to guarantee optimum performance under the most severe working conditions.

Three GX models, the GX270, the GX340 and GX390 are now available for multi-purpose uses including providing power for two-wheel tractors, used by professionals in mountainous areas, where the operating angles are high.

The "high inclination" engine inherits Honda's proven GX technology but with some new and unique features specifically developed to improve its effectiveness under inclined operations.

The engines have new and unique features, to guarantee the best performance in the most severe working conditions, such as:

• A special one-way valve integrated in the cylinder head to improve the oil return flow and guarantee optimal lubrication under inclined conditions;

• A membrane fuel pump, protected by a bracket, and adapted fuel line routing, to ensure an optimal fuel flow;

• A maximum fuel level indicator and inner-vent carburettor fitted to avoid overfilling and to guarantee safe operation under all conditions.

Honda, in partnership with its OEMs - Original Equipment Manufacturers - has supplied general purpose engines to power construction, agricultural and other types of machinery for several decades.

The new 'high inclination' engines are the latest of Honda's quality, attractive products, developed to meet customers' demands - making use of Honda's original technology, knowledge and ingenuity.

The engines prove Honda's commitment to work with its OEMs - making the most of innovation and creativity by offering new products which exceed all customer expectations and meet Honda's continuing aim of "helping people get things done".

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