0 Hunter Grinders launch the Series 5 Range at Saltex

Hunter Grinders launch the Series 5 Range at Saltex

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Hunter Grinders Ltd is an engineering based company, constantly looking for new ways to increase the performance of its machines. New technology offering alternatives in materials and in particular computerisation of operations have led to changes being introduced in a number of models over several years after extensive testing and research. The result of this on-going activity is the launch of the SERIES 5 range of Hunter Grinder equipment.

The SERIES 5 consists of the Jupiter Series 5, Jupiter ATI Series 5, Juno Series 5, Amazon Series 5 and the Orion Series 5. All of these machines now incorporate as standard a number of features which are aimed not only at ensuring the best possible performance, but are also designed to address any health and safety issues that have arisen in recent years, and in particular to ensure the operator can achieve a precision edge for maximum quality of cut, with greatest ease, speed and safety.

SERIES 5 RANGE - features

Stability is a crucial factor in a machine designed to accommodate heavy mowers/cylinders. The process of ACCURATE grinding places huge demands on the construction of the grinder.

  • All models in the Series 5 range are now built on cast iron beds for unbeatable stability and strength.

  • In addition, linear bed rails have been introduced again as standard for enhanced accuracy when grinding.

  • All models now operate on 240volt single phase.

  • All Jupiters have fully enclosed interlocking guarding.

  • The Amazon Series 5 bottom blade grinder has full guarding.

There is a huge variety of mower units manufactured, so we have incorporated many new features to assist the operator in handling the different mowers and cylinders with ease. These include:

  • A slow/soft start spin unit for controlled startup. Flexible drive coupling ensures ease of set up.

  • Extended and adjustable mounting points allow any type of unit to be mounted in position with ease.

  • Universal mounting blocks for units with groomers and brush drive systems, avoid the need to dismantle them prior to the grinding process, saving the operator valuable time.

  • An attachment for manual indexing enables the operator to index without touching the cylinder with his hands is an important safety feature on all Jupiters and Junos in the Series 5 range.

The flagship model is the Jupiter ATI Series 5 with automatic indexing. In addition to all the new features listed above, the Jupiter ATI Series 5 has been enhanced through a number of key changes specific to auto-indexing, which include:

  • Variable cylinder speeds in spin mode for increased operator control.

  • Automatic docking mode for the grinding head, should you wish to stop the machine mid-operation, again giving the operator greater control and flexibility over the grinding process.

  • Finally a countdown to indicate the number of cycles completed on the auto index allows the operator to take that coffee break without losing his sequence!!!

The SERIES 5 range may not look radically different on the outside, but the technical changes are very significant and quite simply, place these machines into a league of their own. There are no other grinding machines which deliver, the same degree of speed, accuracy of cut, safety and above all long lasting sharpness.

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