0 Hyundai promotes safer, easier grass trimming

HYFT56 1Hyundai Power Equipment has launched a walk-behind wheeled nylon-line trimmer suitable for dealing with grass and weeds growing in open or confined spaces and in places where use of a hand-held trimmer or a conventional mower would be difficult, unsafe or tiring.

Such places could include sloping, uneven or undulating ground, school and college sites and amenity or conservation areas in parks or gardens traversed by roads and pathways.

Known as the Hyundai HYFT56 Field Trimmer, the machine uses a 4mm diameter, high-speed revolving nylon cord to sever vegetation cleanly at any height from 38mm to 76mm (1.5in - 3in) above ground level.

The use of a flexible cutting mechanism minimises the risk of injury to the user or of impact damage being caused to walls, fences, trees or outdoor furniture.

The possibility of stones and other solid objects being thrown at the operator or at people, animals or vehicles in the vicinity is greatly reduced as is breakage of bottles and other glass litter.

Also eliminated is the potential costly damage that can result when a steel cutting blade strikes a solid object hidden in grass.

Powered by a Hyundai 5.5hp four-stroke petrol engine and supported by two 350mm (14in) diameter heavy-duty wheels, the HYFT56 has a maximum cutting width of 560mm (22in), giving a potential workrate of around 1,800 sq m/hr (0.44 acre/hour) at a constant walking speed of 54 metres/min (2 mph).

The comfort grip han HYFT56 2dles can be adjusted easily to suit operators of different heights and reach or can be folded completely for compact transport or storage.

The height-adjustable cutting assembly is supported in work by a robust steel height guide and the cutting mechanism features a two-stage engagement system, both handle-mounted.

There is a trimmer head drive engagement lever and a separate operator presence control (OPC) lever which, when released, stops rotation of the cutter head in less than a second.

Available for demonstrations through Hyundai Power Equipment's national dealer network, the Hyundai HYFT56 Field Trimmer is priced at a competitive £415.83 (+VAT).

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