0 Implementing the correct weed control strategy on shrub & ornamental areas

Cascade Press Release ImgSince the popular active ingredient Dichlobenil's approval for use terminated in March 2010, many contractors and Local Authorities have found weed control strategies to protect ornamental and shrub areas more complex and difficult to implement.

With granular weed control such an effective method for so many customers, Amenity Land Solutions has worked closely with suppliers and customers to determine and implement optimum weed control strategies with safe and approved alternatives to Dichlobenil on shrub and ornamental areas.

It is imperative for anyone managing these areas to carefully consider their weed control strategy, according to Paul Robinson, Landscape and Amenity Director at ALS: "Last winter we closely monitored pre-emergent granular product applications and subsequent results of approved pre-emergent herbicide alternatives to Dichlobenil. It is clear that there are effective solutions available, but preparation, application and formulation are fundamental to achieving excellent levels of weed control."

In the current economic climate it is especially important for customers such as Local Authorities to achieve optimum results from their weed control applications. Correctly applied residual herbicide is more cost effective, practical and successful than hand weeding.

Training and advice is available to prospective customers on all aspects of weed control strategies, including timing of application and dealing with difficult weeds such as bindweed, chickweed and deep rooted perennials.

Amenity Land Solutions employs a number of BASIS qualified staff who are experienced in offering advice on specific products and aspects of weed control in shrub beds and ornamental plantings.

To speak to a technical advisor, contact Amenity Land Solutions -on 01952 641949 or email sales@amenity.co.uk. They may also be able to co-ordinate site visits and training if required, dependent upon location.

Always read the label, use pesticides safely.

For more information contact: Paul Robinson, Landscape and Amenity Director, Amenity Land Solutions on 01952 641949 or email paulrobinson@amenity.co.uk

Photo caption: Effective control can be obtained with granules applied with a Cascade Applicator.

Amenity Land Solutions (ALS) has been supplying professional amenity and landscaping products for over 20 years. Based in Telford, Shropshire, the company employs over 30 dedicated staff and is part of the Maxwell Amenity group of companies.

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