0 INNSA delighted to welcome Monsanto as a member

HimalayanBalsam FlowerThe Invasive Non Native Specialists Association (INNSA) has announced today that Monsanto, a global leader in supplying products to invasive weed remediators has joined the Association. The company which supplies many INNSA members is now part of the specialist trade body that is dedicated to the highest quality standards and consumer service in the fast growing industry of non native species treatment.

Monsanto are a market leader in the global agricultural industry, providing products ranging from agricultural seeds, such as oilseed rape and corn; to agricultural technologies and weed management systems built around Roundup herbicide.

They are the latest high profile company to become a member, demonstrating that the Association's reputation is continually growing and as a result the membership base is expanding. INNSA is fast becoming the preferred body to represent the interests of companies involved in controlling and eradicating invasive non-native species in the UK.

Mike Clough, INNSA Chairman said 'we are delighted that Monsanto has joined the Association and recognised the importance of the quality agenda that INNSA is pursuing. INNSA demands of its members excellent consumer care and the highest possible technical standards so that the INNSA name and logo are synonymous with reliability and peace of mind for property owners and property professionals. This does of course extend to the products that INNSA members use and there is no name that evokes quality more than Monsanto.

Manda Sansom the Technical Development and Stewardship Manager for Monsanto UK Ltd commented 'we are pleased to have joined INNSA which is in recognition of the role that the Association is playing in raising standards and providing peace of mind for consumers in the remediation of problem invasive species. In a fast growing market it is very important that a reliable and dependable quality mark exists for property owners to rely on when dealing with the companies that they employ to rid their properties of invasive species.

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