0 Asteroid®Pro – Maximising Performance and Safety in Total Weed Control.

Cheminova's Asteroid®Pro is the latest bio-formulation glyphosate total weed killer available in the Pitchcare Store. Asteroid®Pro is based on Envision Technology®, a unique formulation system developed by Cheminova. It performs as a total weedkiller to control most annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaved weeds. Asteroid®Pro presents safety advantages for the user and environment compared to many other total weedkiller formulations on the market.

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Cheminova have undertaken extensive research and development to develop 360 and 450 Asteroid®Pro formulations. Envision Technology® enables a safer application and utilises a newly established surfactant system, to enhance the uptake of glyphosate into the plant.

According to Pitchcare's Marketing and Business Manager, Dan Hughes, "There has been a clear trend with contractors, local authorities and landscapers paying more attention to the environmental profile of pesticides they use. We are pleased to add Asteroid®Pro from Cheminova to our existing portfolio of market leading glyphosates. Asteroid®Pro is a herbicide with leading operator safety and environmental credentials. From our trials and the 100% customer review feedback submitted, Asteroid®Pro is a highly effective total weed control option".

Cheminova's strong focus on product stewardship gives customers the confidence they can adhere to the best practice in herbicide application with a product that has the highest standards of environment profilenot in modern day herbicide. An underlying principle for Cheminova's stewardship of plant protection products is risk reduction; an approach which values safety guidance and training and is integrated into the product and engineered for the professional user.

Formulated so no additional buffer agents are required and combined with reduced toxicity, no irritancy and no foaming.

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Notes *

· A bio-formulation is defined as a formulation which is not classified as harmful to wild-life or the user.

· Traditional glyphosate formulations are generally safe for wild-life but classified as harmful to aquatic organisms. Whereas, Asteroid®Pro is not classified as harmful to aquatic organisms

Asteroid®Pro can be purchased from the Pitchcare Store or for more information contact the technical sales team on 01902 440250.

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