0 Investment in AFT Trencher pays dividends

GM Jolliffe Ltd with AFT Wizz Wheel at Brentwood Prep School (77)Replacing his excavators with a purpose-built AFT Wizz Wheel 75 trencher has resulted in significant savings for Kent based contractors GM Jolliffe Ltd.

Managing Director Gary Jolliffe decided to invest in an AFT Wizz Wheel 75 after seeing one in operation by a fellow contractor and arranging a demonstration. "I was impressed with the speed and precision of the AFT 75," says Gary. The Wizz Wheel 75 is renowned for being a high speed trencher achieving up to 2000 metres per hour. "The AFT looked exceptionally strong and has proved cost effective on many levels."

Up until now Gary has used excavators to dig out trenches for pipes, cables and drainage. The excavator buckets for pipe work are a minimum 300mm wide whereas the trencher is only 170mm wide. The resulting narrower trenches need fewer stones to backfill and create less spoil to be removed.

"Once the laser grader is set up, the trencher follows it precisely," explains Gary: "This is a much more efficient way of working. Loading the spoil immediately into a waiting trailer via the conveyor saves even more time."

Gary, like all businessmen, is concerned with keeping margins tight and remaining as competitive as possible in a difficult market. "We save a huge amount of time and resources by containing all the operations in one pass and leaving our excavators free to be used on other jobs," declares Gary.

Peter Smith is the UK Sales Manager for AFT Trenchers Ltd and is not surprised that Gary is delighted with the results. "The AFT 75 is an exceptionally strong machine and will dig in the toughest conditions, says Peter. "You can easily vary the depth and digging widths from 50mm to 170mm and maintain the grade with the on-board laser system. So effort isn't wasted and re-instatement costs are minimised."

An investment which pays dividends is always a wise move and Gary Jolliffe is certainly convinced he made the right choice with the AFT 75 Wizz Wheel.

Image: Gary Jolliffe using an AFT Wizz Wheel 75

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