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Phil Breakey

Managing Director

Irrigation Control Limited have known and worked alongside Dave Saltman for a number of years and when he initially approached us to make us aware of the concept behind Pitchcare.com his enthusiasm was infectious. Since that time we have spoken with David on a number of occasions to be kept informed of progress and few have also monitored the development of the web site. It has been a real eye opener to see the whole concept come together in time for its launch at Saltex.

The bringing together of the best minds in a particular industry is hardly a groundbreaking concept. However, when those minds are bought together with the purpose of making their collective knowledge available to others within that industry in a format readily available and easily accessible then you know that something quite unique and special is occurring. Ultimately the whole idea of Pitchcare.com is to bring Professionals from the sports turf industry together with a view to sharing their collective knowledge and therefore improving everybody's knowledge. With features from agronomists, groundsmen, finance companies, contractors, manufacturers, etc. etc.

Pitchcare.com will have something for everyone.

The ethos behind Pitchcare.com is to promote the industry as a whole and although the sharing and promoting of knowledge is the overriding factor other benefits such as improved purchasing power, special promotions etc. are integral elements of the site and the end result is that the sports turf professional, greenkeeper, groundsman and indeed anyone interested or involved with the maintenance of turf will benefit from the site.

In conclusion Pitchcare.com is what the industry has been waiting for. A site developed by professionals for professionals. Irrigation Control Limited wish it every success.

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