0 John Deere hybrid greens mower is Industry first

Hybrid greens mower is an industry first

Foreword by Dave SaltmanJD2500E-greens-mower-J.jpg

Since Pitchcare was launched I have had the pleasure of seeing the latest machinery innovations to help Groundsmen and Greenkeepers in their daily work. The 'MagKnife' from Ransomes Jacobsen, theSISIS 'Aer-Aid', all pieces of equipment that would have helped me in my daily work. Now here's a concept that removes the need for hydraulics, and therefore removes the worries of leaks and pipes bursting, while preparing your given surface. In my fifteen or so years, practicing Groundsmanship, I had leaks and blown pipes on a number of machines, and in one instance at Northampton Town FC, a great deal of embarrassment, after a line of hydraulic fluid had been sprayed up the middle of the pitch pre-season, following a burst connection.

So here goes, a press release from Steve Mitchell, that's well worth noting, as I hope the system can and will be developed across a much bigger range of machinery.

Seen for the first time at BTME 2005, the new John Deere 2500E is the golf and turf industry's first hybrid greens mower, combining conventional diesel power with electric motors to produce a quieter, more environmentally friendly machine.

Advanced technology has eliminated 102 potential hydraulic leak points, without sacrificing overall reliability, power or cut quality. This has been done by removing all hydraulics from the cutting unit drive circuit, where industry figures indicate 90 per cent of leaks occur. Instead, highly efficient electric reel motors replace the reel hydraulic pump, hydraulic motors, backlap valve, oil cooler and all associated flexible hoses, fittings and hard lines.


This advanced electrical reel system allows the cutting units to be powered independently of the traction speed, unlike hydraulic reel circuits. This means the operator is able to reduce engine rpm without slowing reel rpm or mowing speed, thus reducing sound levels down to 79dBA while maintaining cut quality and productivity. This can also reduce fuel consumption by an average of 10 per cent. In addition, backlapping can still be carried out using variable control of the reel speed and direction.

Like the existing 2500A greens mower, the 2500E is equipped with three 56cm (22in) cylinders, available with either seven- or 11-blade reels and smooth or grooved front rollers. These are offset to the left to help reduce tracking on greens, caused by regular mowing; this is done by changing the direction of travel on alternate days.JD2500E-greens-mower-G.jpg

During the perimeter cut, the tyres roll across one area of the green one day, and a different area the next, enabling it to recover between cuts. Height of cut can be varied from 3 to 19mm (1/8 to ¾in), and overall cutting width is 1.57m (62in). The Quick Tach cutting unitsfloat independently to follow ground contours.

The comfortable operator station features a five-position steering wheel, adjustable seat and the CommandArm operator console, which provides fingertip control of the throttle, reel drive and raising and lowering of the cutting units. Further operator benefits include hydrostatic drive with two pedal foot control, on board diagnostics as standard and easy servicing, with a built in toolbox below the CommandArm on the driver's right hand side.

All 2500A attachments are compatible with the 2500E; available options include greens tender conditioners, rear roller power brushes and vertical cutting units. Available from spring 2005, the new John Deere 2500E greens mower will cost from £22,378 (Irish price 32,817 euros), equipped with 11 blade reels and grooved front rollers as standard.

For further details please contact John Deere Limited on Tel: 01949 860491 or click here for your nearest local dealer

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