0 Johnson Sport Seed Cultivars top this year’s Seed listings

MadejskiStadiumGlobal seed breeders and producers DLF Trifolium Ltd, and its Johnson Sport Seeds Cultivars, dominate the 2013 Turfgrass seed booklet with a top rating for their innovative sports grasses in 12 turf grass tables. Amongst the highlights is the new Double 4turf tetraploid perennial ryegrass, which will set a new standard for sports pitches, and can be seen in Johnsons J Pitch Sport Seed for 2013.

4turf tetraploid seeds are bigger than regular diploids. Stronger seedlings and improved establishment combined with the slightly more open nature, makes them the perfect mixture partner for hard wearing perennial ryegrass. 4turf tetraploids are also deeper rooted increasing shear strength and drought tolerance, as well as being significantly more disease resistant.

Derek Smith on Double 4turf, "In DLF trials across Europe Double was rated No. 1 out of 101 cultivars in trial for sward quality after winter stress, and has proven to be highly resistant against Fusarium, Helminthosporum and Drechslera. In addition Double 4turf has the highest score for red thread resistance in the STRI trials and tops European trials for winter fungal disease resistance."

The New J PITCH formulation for 2013 exhibits very rapid establishment, helped by the inclusion of 4turf tetraploid ryegrass. Fast establishment is accompanied by deeper rooting for summer stress tolerance and exceptional winter colour and disease resistance. The companion cultivars lead to high density & wear tolerance and make them ideal for training grounds & other high wear applications were irrigation is restricted.

J Pitch is one of three Johnson's seed mixtures to have new formulations for 2013.

J PREMIER PITCH for Premier quality football & rugby pitches has also had a makeover. Rapid establishment can be expected from this sports turf renovation mixture. It includes some of Europe's highest rated cultivars and delivers a sward that has exceptional wear tolerance and density with proven results such as rapid recovery and regrowth from wear. The result is an attractive, coloured turf, not only 'camera friendly' but with high disease resistance to boot.

J Premier Wicket for Cricket squares, as well as tees & tennis courts, is a three cultivar overseeding mixture that delivers high disease resistance. New cultivar, Dickens, along with Chardin & Natasha deliver the highest rating on the 2012 STRI close mown list. The outstanding performance of this mixture results in rapid establishment, high shoot density and a tolerance to close mowing. An attractive colour and fineness of leaf completes its attributes.

All Johnson's sport seed mixtures are GroMax treated to maximise seedling development.

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