2 Kawasaki Engines - The Core Strength

TJ53Kawasaki Engines has been providing the core strength to the industrial, turfcare, grounds-care and utility markets for over 50 years. The Global Manufacturer is at the forefront of engine technology, offering solutions for any application with their 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines and they are synonymous with exceptional performance, high quality and reliability. So, how have they built this enviable reputation?

Jack Ford, Senior Product Manager for Kawasaki Engine and Power Products Division, says "I believe it's because we've always been committed to creating new innovations in engine design to improve performance and durability. We constantly strive to develop engines which exceed market demands and the new FJ-D and TJ ranges we've launched this year prove that".

New technology has been developed for the TJ 2-stroke horizontal shaft range in order to not only meet but exceed emission regulations for the EU, USA and Japan without the need for a catalytic converter. The development of the scavenging system and the combustion chamber together with the relocation of a V-groove type spark plug has also resulted in a 15% reduction in fuel consumption ratio compared with conventional products.

Jack Ford says "The rest of our 2-stroke horizontal and vertical shaft engines are just as impressive and fully comply with all European legislation". All the 2-stroke engines have been developed to deliver the performance required for highly demanding work.

FJ180In the FJ-D 4-stroke series, Kawasaki has designed a spherical combustion chamber, which together with their Over Head V-valve technology ensures that these engines not only exceed the worldwide emission directives but also achieves a 10% power increase compared with existing models. Kawasaki has also introduced the K-Twin balancer system which cuts vertical vibration to zero with the lowest overall vibration levels in this Engine class. Combined with a significant reduction in noise output, the FJ range delivers high performance whilst giving the user high value and quality, low vibration and optimum cost.

The new FJ-D Series strengthen an already impressive range of Kawasaki engines. The 4-stroke horizontal shaft range, also includes Kawasaki's FE, FH and FD Series offering up to 29hp, and can be customised with various options including shaft variations, oil level switches/alarms and various oil drain and startFX1000Ver options.

In the 4-stroke vertical shaft series, the high performance FX range which was successfully launched across Europe in 2009 has really earned its place within the Kawasaki family of engines with a range topping 37hp. When it was first launched, Kawasaki ensured that it satisfied all OEM demands and the series still provides highly reliable and durable engines for customers today. The FJ, FS and the FD liquid cooled series make up the rest of the 4-stroke vertical shaft range.

Kawasaki Engines are leaders in reducing exhaust emissions and together with their philosophy for superior quality, reliability, durability and high performance, their wide range of inspiring engines can deliver the core strength to the most demanding applications.

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