0 Keeping your trees alive!

A Tulip Tree that the Queen Mother planted at RHS Wisley.Long term waterlogging can have an adverse effect of the health of both avenue and parkland trees. The effects of the heavy rainfall this winter will be felt for some time.

Waterlogging and compaction panning of soil requires specialist treatment in order to provide trees with a healthy future. In both domestic gardens and around tree roots in large parks, woodland and amenity areas there is the need for a 'root and branch' solution.

Terrain Aeration Services are a specialist company whose unique techniques are a proven method of alleviating the stress endured by poorly managed areas.

In terms of remedial options, the potential for flooding can be reduced or even avoided in advance by employing the Terralift. This is a deep soil aeration machine with a proven track record.

Keeping fissures open

Terrain Aeration can help to bio-degrade hydrocarbon (oil and diesel) pollution. The corer can take samples to 1m to see how deep this has reached and then using the Terralift to inject air (most important) with the dried seaweed helps to keep the fissures open.

The media will bio-degrade the hydrocarbons (injected with the Terralift). Surface treatment will migrate down and bid-degrade the hydrocarbons as they find it. When it next rains, the media will continue to percolate and continue its work.

As they treat to 1m depth, this is enough to satisfy insurers and councils that they are within the maximum working depth that householders are likely to reach with their gardening.

Oil migrates in strange ways and in perhaps two years time it will end up in another place.

With the hydrocarbons in place, these will keep working. It is important that oxygen is placed back into the soil to give the trees a chance of surviving. Trees have an impact on the environment and help to cleanse the o-zone.

For further information telephone : 01449 673783 or visit www.terrainaeration.com

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