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Keith Boyce's seasonal advice (08/07/02)

By David Markham

Advice on weed killing is included in the mid-summer issue of the Wetherby Groundsman.

The magazine, which is the official newsletter of the Wetherby Cricket League Grounds Association, is the brainchild of former Headingley Groundsman Keith Boyce.

Keith is now Groundsman at Wetherby League club New Rover in Leeds, which is also the headquarters of the Yorkshire Academy.

Keith writes: "If your outfield is weed infested this unsettled weather offers you the perfect opportunity to Keith Boyee3.jpg

"The best time to spray is when the weeds are actively growing. Alpha Amenity, our newsletter sponsors offer a good product called Estermone and it will zap a wide range of weeds.

"The average cricket ground outfield - excluding the main square - is approximately two acres, so five litres should be sufficient to do the job.

"If you do spray, remember to leave the weeds for a few days before cutting again. This gives the chemical time to absorb through the plant leaves and down in to the root."

In another article, Keith gives advice on used pitch renovation work.

He writes: "Try to keep on top of used pitch renovation work. I know it's not easy. The unsettled spell of weather makes it more difficult to play your planned amount of matches per strip.

"My advice is to try to prepare as you did early season. Leave that little bit of extra grass on and try to get more heavy rolling into the pitch.

"To keep the pitch ends as dry as possible, try to find some waterproof covering or, better still, old canvas sheeting.

"You can maintain bowlers' foot holes by using clay blocks and, with care and that bit of extra attention, your prepared pitches should still be usable for several matches.

"Remember that the cause of your greatest problems are those bowlers banging their big size 10s on pitch ends. That unfortunately makes your pitches unusable so do try to keep them as dry as possible."
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