0 Kick® ‘Fairway’ Joins COMPO EXPERT Kick® Wetting Agent Family of Products

Leading European fertiliser producer COMPO EXPERT has introduced the highly-effective Kick® Fairway wetting agent into the Kick® product portfolio - to help Turf Managers economically and effectively deal with water efficiency issues on sports turf and golf course fairways by keeping the grass sward in excellent condition during drought periods.

Kick® Fairway joins the well-established and highly-effective Kick® family of wetting agents, which includes the Kick® concentrate and Kick® LDS brands for sand-based turf environments. These best-selling European wetting agents are between four and six times more concentrated that other wetting agents on the market - offering superior performance and economy.

Designed to improve water infiltration in hydrophobic situations, the environmentally-friendly Kick® Fairway wetting agent, helps Turf Managers increase their effective water management by improving water penetration and absorption in all natural soil profiles. Kick® products reduce the effects of drought conditions and stress by promoting root growth into deeper horizons. This NEW product provides a cost-effective answer to large outfield areas across golf and sports turf, while utilising the unique global Kick® technology.

Kick® Fairway application rate is 2 litres per hectare in 600 litres of water. For best results, apply monthly from April to September.

COMPO EXPERT National Sales Manager, Matt Williams, says that the extremely effective Kick® Fairway wetting agent has been introduced to the Kick® portfolio to allow Turf Managers to improve the quality of their fairways and sports surfaces in a cost-effective manner, while having the benefits of Kick® technology. Kick® Fairway will ensure that turf can respond to the vagaries of the weather and retain that much valued sward in the height of the season.

Kick® Fairway is available from Agrovista Amenity. amenity.agrovista.co.uk

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