0 Kids devastated as vandal in car wrecks Malton junior football pitches

A local junior football club in Malton are 'furious' after their football pitch has been destroyed by a car and is expected to take weeks to repair.

Old Malton St Mary's Junior Football Club, Malton, North Yorkshire, believe their pitch was trashed on Sunday evening - it was reported on Monday afternoon by a dog walker who saw the damage and went to inspect the field.

Months of hard work have been ruined and, with the heavy rain and stormy weather, the pitch will take weeks to dry and repair by the volunteers who work at the club.

The community, club coaches and groundsmen are 'angry' at what's happened - they also share the field with the local Cricket club who will be affected by the destruction.

Pete Fletcher, the club's junior welfare officer and under-9's coach, said: "Not only have you destroyed hours, days, weeks even months of hard work by our groundsmen, you've also put a stop to our kids playing football."

"Our under 11 and 12 age groups pitch has been ruined, we are very lucky to have other pitches as it will be a few weeks until this one is playing again."

"With so much rain over the past week its that wet and needs to dry out until they can get the machinery on the field to begin repairs which will be a few weeks."

Pete claims someone has driven onto the pitch and got stuck in the wet muddy conditions, he believes they have had another car attempt to tow them out which has also sunk into the ground causing the tyre marks.

He said: "Whoever it is they have tried to get themselves out, they used car matts to try and find grip in he mud; they have ripped off fencing to try and get the car out too."

Pete added: "It's a mess. Everyone is a volunteer at the club including the dedicated groundsmen team who take care of the pitch in their spare time. It's annoying, the work they go through all season keeping the pitches in good condition to let the kids play then this happens."

"It makes you angry, we put so much hard work into what we do, we are all volunteers who do it for the kids so they are out playing sport and getting fresh air."

"And for them to have this done to one of their pitches its devastating."

Malton is a strong local community, the club have had so many offers from people wanting to help - another local football club contacted the club and offered the use of their pitches - an independent signage company has offered to donate "keep off the pitch" signs too.

Pete said: "People are pulling together, we do it for the kids, we just want to keep them playing."

"To have other clubs say we can use their facilities shows the spirit in the sport that we have. It's reassuring that their are people out there to help."

"We will rally together and get it fixed as quick as possible, our groundsmen are so passionate."

You can read the original article from YorkshireLive HERE

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