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TT270_Schlägelmäher_k.JPGThe Aebi Group, which is based in Switzerland, offers a very broad range of multipurpose vehicles, equipment and system solutions, all of the highest quality and incorporating the latest technologies, for all requirements of municipalities for the care and upkeep of sites, grasslands and parks, for winter services and for street cleaning.

After completion of the merger with the company SCHMIDT GmbH in St. Blasien, Germany, in 2007 Aebi is now a member of the AEBI-SCHMIDT Group of Companies.

The sales programme encompasses mechanical and hydrostatically driven multipurpose single-axle tractors, the three-wheel Terracut implement carrier, the Viatrac municipal transporter, the Kommunaltrak narrow-track implement carrier, the Terratrac (steep slope) implement carriers and the Aebi MFH compact street sweeping machines.

Terratrac Aebi TT270: Top of the range.

The Terratrac TT270 has been designed on the basis of the proven Aebi-Terratrac principle. As an extremely powerful (steep slope) implement carrier and special tractor, it is an all-rounder and the ideal working instrument for all professional applications in topographically difficult and sensitive terrain - from flat golf courses to steep river or road banks.

Partially automated operationTT205_Scheibenmähwerk_k.JPG

The new Terratrac TT270 is oriented to the very latest in tractor engineering. The general comfort, particularly in relation to noise and dust, has experienced a substantial improvement. The operation of the basic machine and the implements has now been partially automated. Higher performance comes from the increased horsepower (95 HP), larger tyres and a higher lifting force.

Terratrac Aebi TT205: The budget-priced lightweight.

The mechanisation of steep slope farming demands the lightest possible construction of the machinery in order to protect the sensitive surface and to achieve excellent and safe steep-slope handling characteristics. The Terratrac Aebi TT205 meets these criteria to a particularly high degree, since it has been equipped only with the essentials and as a result, it has been possible to limit the weight to just 1650 kg. Nevertheless, the vehicle equipment is by no means Spartan. With the infinitely variable hydrostatic traction drive, the button-selectable front or all-wheel steering, the front-mounted hydraulics and the standard on-board computer, this steep-slope implement carrier in the compact class is simple and comfortable to operate. Drive is provided by a 2.2 l Kubota diesel motor with an output power of 36.4 kW (49.5 HP). If required, a rear-mounted hydraulic lift can be supplied as an optional extra. The technology and the fresh, sleek design originate from the proven and more powerful Terratrac Aebi TT75.

CC66_Sichelmäher_k.JPGThe Terratrac Aebi TT205 offers state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price and provides outstanding service wherever work using power-consuming implements has to be executed. With this steep-slope implement carrier, haymaking really becomes a pleasure since both the sensitive surface and your bank account are treated with equal care. Moreover, you do not have to forego driving comfort, since this is truly at the high level for which the name Terratrac has become a byword.

The Combicut Aebi CC56 the comfortable walk behind.

The fine feeling of the active steering and the infinitely variable hydrostatic drive together with the speed of changing the implements make this an easy comfortable machine for many applications. Even difficult mowing conditions on extreme slopes are made easier for the operator thanks to the characteristic of the CC56 and the power of a 13HP Basco Vangard petrol engine. Tyres and track width can be adapted exactly to the work requirements with terra, turf and cultural tyres available, these of course can retro-fitted with cage wheels or double wheels for use in extreme conditions. Implements for grass maintenance, sweeping, fertilizing even snow blowing can be fitted easily with out fuss and tools allowing the CC56 to be use through out the year.

Combicut Aebi CC66: Hydrostatic driven single-axle tractor.

The CC66 is a robust and universally deployable multipurpose machine for the care and maintenance of grass areas and hard-surface areas, as well as for winter services.CC56_Mähbalken.JPG

Thanks to the Aebi quick-fit connector system (with integrated PTO), a wide range of implements can be used: From flail and sickle mowers, hard-surface cleaning implements, and right through to snow blowers and snowploughs. Additionally, many of the implements that are used with earlier Aebi single-axle tractors and the three-wheel implement carrier Terracut Aebi TC07, can continue to be used on the Combicut Aebi CC66.

An 18 HP Briggs & Stratton petrol motor provides the necessary power for this single-axle tractor. Steering the CC66 is effortless thanks to the hydrostatic drive and the unique active steering system designed and developed by Aebi. The latest innovation is that if required, the CC66 can be supplied with an additional hydraulic lift. The Combicut Aebi CC66 is superb on steep slopes, protects sensitive surfaces and is truly comfortable for long working hours, day after day.

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