0 Landini compact tractor range grows

Landini compact tractor range grows with Mistral 'America' range

By Vicki Morley

Three models with 38hp to 50hp Choice of mechanical or hydrostatic drive Ideal for groundscare and horticulture operations

Anyone needing a 'compact plus' tractor to handle heavier duty operations for groundscare, farming and horticulture have a new option in the 'America' range that extends the Landini Mistral line-up.

"The standard Mistral range comprises four lightweight tractors from 38hp, each with a 12x12 speed mechanical shuttle gearbox," explains Tony Burgess, Landini UK product specialist. "The Mistral 'America' models have the same engines and similar horsepower but are longer and a little heavier, so they are a touch more stable and can handle bigger implements."Landini-Mistral-America.jpg

The new models also have the added versatility of a 16x16 speed gearbox, including four creep ratios for very slow precision work. Alternatively, for the first time on these tractors, buyers can opt for hydrostatic drive, which provides easily adjustable speed control using separate forward and reverse pedals.

"A variety of applications in groundscare and horticulture are among the uses for these tractors," suggests Tony Burgess. "Similarly, they would have a role on small dairy, pig and poultry farms and around larger horse stables."

While the mechanical gearbox is best for soil-engaging implements, the Hydro transmission suits operations where easily variable speed control is useful. On the Mistral 'America', there are three working ranges and a 'cruise control' feature to fix the forward speed so that long runs with a mower, for example, become easier and less tiring. Implements can be mounted on the back, front or middle of the tractors, with hydraulic linkage in each position lifting them in and out of work. Mechanical power take-off is available at each mounting point.

"The rear pto produces 540rpm at one of two engine speeds - one for power, one for greater fuel economy and lower noise," says Tony Burgess. "Then there is ground-speed pto that drives the shaft through the transmission and so matches changes in forward speed - it's useful for maintaining correct application rate when operating ground-drive fertiliser or sand spreaders on hilly terrain."

Mistral 'America' tractors are powered by Yanmar three- and four-cylinder engines with outputs of 38hp, 44hp and 50hp. Although buyers can opt for simple two-wheel drive, all Landini Mistral tractors come with a highly manoeuvrable four-wheel drive system as standard.

The other choice is whether to have an open platform or cab - either way the driver gets a clear work area and easy access to the seat and controls, with the cab providing a surprisingly spacious working environment for a small tractor.

Landini Mistral 'America' specification

Engine Yanmar - 38hp (3cyl), 44hp, 50hp (4cyl)
Drive - DT 16x16 gearbox with four creep speeds and synchro shuttle

Drive - DT Hydro

Three-range hydrostatic, two pedal control, 'cruise setting'
Lift linkage

Rear 1200kg, front 400kg

Power take-off Rear 540rpm, 540E and ground speed, front and mid-pto (option) 1000rpm
Weight 3cyl 1520kg, 4cyl 1530kg
Minimum width 3cyl 1320mm, 4cyl 1385mm
Prices DT40 £14,036 : DT45 £14,989 : DT50 £15,851

Note: Options include 12 x 12 non-creep gearbox, two-wheel drive and safety cab. Weights are for four-wheel drive mechanical transmission models.

For further information please visit www.landini.it or e-mail tony.burgess@landini.co.uk

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