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By Mike Isherwood

BobcatToolcatjpg.jpgskid-steer, compact tracked and all-wheel steer loaders, to the unique Toolcat 5600 Utility Work Machine and the Bobcat telehandler range, local and highway authorities, contractors and maintenance staff have an unrivalled selection of tool carriers. Added to this is the comprehensive attachment range, including snow buckets, snow blades, super scrapers, snow sweepers, snow angle brooms, snow blowers and the salt and sand spreader.

The combination of Bobcat tool carriers and attachments can be used to remove light and compacted snow, as well as ice from areas such as motorways, urban roads, pathways, driveways, car parks, school playgrounds and loading bays.

The latest extension to the winter attachment range is the new Bobcat SP125 salt and sand spreader attachment for the Toolcat 5600. This has a 382 litre hopper and mounts easily into the cargo box on the machine. The spreader is conveniently sized to allow the Toolcat 5600 to simultaneously carry a front-end snow removal attachment such as a snow blower, snow blade or angle broom.

Bobcat offers several different models of snow blowers which are designed to remove deeper snow levels from pathways, driveways and car parks, particularly where snowfall is frequent and fast clearance is essential. Bobcat snow blowers feature direct-drive hydraulic motors for the fan and auger, eliminating the need for high wear items such as gearboxes, chains sprockets and shear pins. Chute rotation is achieved by a chain and sprocket system, eliminating the possibility of tangled or frozen cables.

The hydraulically-operated snow V-blades, available in five widths from 1520 to 2740 mm, can be used in five different blade configurations - as a V-blade, scoop blade, straight blade and 30o left or 30o right angle blade - providing far more versatility than a standard snow blade or snow bucket. The V-blade configuration is used to clear a path through deep snow, whilst the straight blade is used to pile up large amounts of snow. The scoop blade can be used to scoop, push or pile snow. The left or right angle blade configuration may be used to continuously push snow to either side of the loader. All Bobcat snow blades can be equipped with rubber cutting edges to minimise disruption to road and pavement surfaces. bobcat-2.jpg

Complementing the snow blades, there is a choice of five snow buckets with widths from 1676 to 2540 mm.

For the removal of light snowfalls with depths of 100 mm or less, the Bobcat angle broom is an ideal attachment for use on pathways, providing quick access for pedestrians by removing snow in just one pass. The Bobcat sweeper attachment can sweep and collect fine snow from pathways and driveways in both forward and reverse directions. Another useful tool for snow removal is the Bobcat push broom.

For removing surface ice and packed snow, Bobcat offers the super scraper attachment, which is highly efficient at dislodging ice and is also an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of chemicals or salt.


Following on from the introduction of the new 430 excavator, Bobcat has extended the company's range of zero tail swing excavators with the launch of the new 435 model. Together with the 442 excavator, Bobcat now offers a range of three zero tail swing excavators with operating weights from 3.6 to 7.5 tonnes. The 435 will be available in two versions: the 435 FastTrackTMmodel with the new FastTrackTM hydrostatic drive system and the 435 model with conventional drive.Bobcat435_c.jpg

In designing the 435, Bobcat has tried to avoid compromises to cab height and operator comfort that often result from a zero tail swing design. Compared to other zero tail swing mini-excavators on the market, the 435 has a spacious cab design allowing easy entry and exit from the cab. Furthermore, the convenient swing open rear tailgate and the flip-up right side access hood offer ready access to service and maintenance items on the 435 excavator.

The 435 excavator also features a new improved self-cleaning undercarriage based around an 'H' Frame design with bevelled, sloping edges to enhance material shedding, reduce mud and debris accumulation and extend track system component life.

As a zero tail swing excavator, the rear portion of the 435 does not extend beyond the footprint of the track, minimising the potential for damage to the machine and its peripheries. In addition, the front part of the housing on the 435 rotates entirely within the outside edges of the tracks, giving operators 320o of unrestricted motion. The 320o zero radius slew range allows the operator to slew completely around and dump spoil behind the machine, an ideal feature for working in tight quarters.

In common with the equivalent 430 model, the 435 FastTrackTMmodel features the industry's first all-hydrostatic drive system, known as FastTrackTM. The latter splits the power infinitely between the right and the left tracks, like the drive system on a skid-steer, resulting in more torque, precise manoeuvring and smooth acceleration.

Utilising two separate closed loops of piston pumps and high torque axial piston drive motors to provide hydrostatic power independently for both the right and left tracks, the FastTrackTMsystem replaces the conventional hydraulic drive system found on other excavators. The two hydrostatic pumps are belt driven like the proven technology in Bobcat skid-steers. This unique feature provides better torque control in levelling and backfilling operations, for doing smoother turns under load as well as more gradual turns on surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. The FastTrackTMdrive system allows full track power to be available on each track at all travel speeds. The 435 FastTrackTMmodel has a maximum travel speed in the low range of 4.5 km/h compared to 8.7 km/h in the high range mode, allowing the machine to move faster on jobsites and between jobsites.

One of the main differences between the FastTrackTMsystem and a conventional system is that the drive transmission has no impact on the hydraulic flow available for the attachment. In contrast to other mini-excavators, maximum flow is available for the attachment even when driving at maximum travel speed.

The 435 is also available in a conventional hydraulic drive version, where the flow required for the two drive motors is provided by the hydraulic pump via the central hydraulic control valve. The 435 conventional drive system version has two travel speed ranges: 0 - 2.9 km/h in low range and 0 - 4.8 km/h in high range.

An important feature of the hydraulic system on the 435 is the Load Independent Flow Distribution System (LUDV). The advantage of this system, the most advanced available on the market, is that a movement will never be stopped since the spool has a flow regulation that depends on the spool position and not on the load applied.

Powered by the Kubota V2203-M-DI-TEB turbo-charged Tier II diesel engine providing 36.5 kW of output power at 2500 RPM, the 435 offers reduced noise levels, efficient engine cooling and fuel economy.

435 zero tail swing excavator - brief specifications

Operating weight with canopy 4788 kg
Maximum digging depth 3420 mm
Maximum dump height 3649 mm
Maximum reach 5757 mm
Auxiliary hydraulic flow 75 l/min
Overall width 1930 mm
Overall height 2541 mm
Track width 400 mm
Engine power 36.5 kW (49 hp) at 2,500 rpm
Travel speed
Conventional drive system 2.9 / 4.8 km/h
FastTrack™ 4.5 / 8.7 km/h


Peter Yarwood Limited has been appointed as the new authorised Bobcat dealer in the Highlands and Grampian regions of Scotland. Yarwoods extends the number of Bobcat dealerships in Scotland to five, joining Motherwell-based Bobcat Strathclyde and George Colliar Limited of Kinross together covering Glasgow, Edinburgh and central Scotland and G Reekie Group Ltd responsible for the South from its base at Coldstream. The fifth Scottish distributor is Linklater Engineering on the Orkney Isles. bobcat3-.jpg

Like the existing dealers, Yarwoods is responsible for sales, service and spare parts for the Bobcat® range of equipment in its prescribed area. The company will develop the business in the Highlands and Grampian regions from its Inverness depot and will also offer specific Bobcat machines for hire.

Commenting on his company's new appointment, Managing Director, Peter Yarwood said, "We have established a sound customer base in the Highlands and Grampian over the last few years and we look forward to being able to offer our customers the versatility and efficient working that the Bobcat range delivers. Bobcat is a very established and familiar brand and these top quality machines sit well with Yarwoods' portfolio of leading brands."

Yarwoods UK Sales Manager, Robert Stewart, added, "Bobcat equipment got its name from the North American prairie animal because of the shared characteristics of toughness, quickness and agility. The Highlands and Grampian can present some pretty tough environments. Just the kind of conditions, in fact, that Bobcat equipment is designed to tame. At Yarwoods we pride ourselves in helping contractors find the right plant for the conditions and particular application. The Bobcat range is a tough and important new weapon in our armoury."

Part of Ingersoll-Rand, the Bobcat product range includes skid-steers and other compact wheeled and tracked loaders, mini-excavators and telehandlers and a comprehensive selection of well over 50 different types of attachment that together deliver versatility and time-saving efficiency across a huge range of different applications.

As well as Bobcat, Yarwoods is the Scottish distributor for Ingersoll-Rand's ABG paving and compaction equipment range.

Founded 21 years ago, Yarwoods has developed on the back of delivering an expert and responsive service in support of its fabrication, sales and hire solutions to the extraction, construction and civil engineering industries. The company is known for its range of leading brand contractors plant and consumables, supplying everything from a breaker tool, hitch or undercarriage parts to a compactor, auger or the largest bucket. The company also offers a full welding, repair and maintenance service either on site or in its own workshops.

For further information please contact Mike Isherwood on Tel: 020 8723 0161 or e-mail mike.isherwood1@btinternet.com

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