0 Launch of new Terra Spike XF to UK and Irish dealers

Launch of New Terra Spike XF to UK and Irish dealers in Northern Spain

By Peter Driver


Over 40 dealer sales staff from the UK and Ireland attended the recent European launch of the new Terra Spike XF at the Peralada Golf Resort in northern Spain.

The prestigious golf club, situated 10 km inland from the coastal resort of Rosas in Catalonia was the ideal venue for Wiedenmann UK to launch their latest deep aerator in the Terra Spike range.

The new Terra Spike XF is claimed to be three times faster than competitor machines and has been launched following three years of extensive research, development and testing in Germany, USA and the UK.

David Rae, Managing Director of Wiedenmann UK said, "This was the first opportunity for our UK and Irish dealers to see the new XF, which provides deep aeration and compaction relief down to a depth of 22cm (8½"), at working speeds of up to 6 km/h (4 mph). In terms of deep aeration this is fast, indeed!

V-belts. The continuous crank shaft design allows for the first time the introduction of a unique machine with an uneven number of working arms, in this case 7, which provides end users with a unique 1.85 metre working width.

"Productivity is the key feature of the XF and this has been derived from fewer greasing points, only six on the entire machine, its robust design and the maintenance-free belt drive system. That's less downtime and combined with a working speed of up to 6 km/h it means more acreage per day.

"I'm delighted to say that it was received with great enthusiasm from our dealer network who witnessed a comparative demonstration and saw just how quick and productive it is."

Richard Harris, of Lely Ireland added,
"The XF is a superb piece of kit; yes, it's quick, but it's also been designed with the operator in mind. Vibration reduction has been designed in with counterweights on the crank shaft acting as flywheels and the pulley and belt drive system providing additional 'give' which contributes to absorption of shocks and vibration.

"The launch and dealer meeting was very professionally handled and would have done credit to many much larger organisations. The venue was excellent and speaking for all the other guests I can say that we had a great time."

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