0 Lely introduces UK market to industry's first-ever true hybrid fairway mower, by Toro

Lely UK is pleased to announce the arrival of the world's first fairway mower with a true hybrid drive system to the UK.

The all-new Toro Reelmaster 5010-HSimultaneously launched in the US, the Toro Reelmaster 5010-H is one of the most revolutionary machines to join the line-up of Toro mowers at Lely - sole distributors of Toro in the UK.

Providing operators with up to 20 percent savings in fuel costs, this hybrid version of the successful 5010 Series is powered by Toro's new patented PowerMatch technology. This unique drive system couples the power from a 24.8hp diesel engine to a self-charging 48-volt battery pack to seamlessly match the power needed for traction and cutting, based on current mowing conditions.

With fuel economy and lower emissions becoming increasingly important to turfcare professionals worldwide, Lely's national sales manager Jeff Anguige says he's proud to be representing Toro in the UK in this industry first.

"This design has undergone years of rigorous lab and field testing to ensure the performance you'd expect from Toro. Not only is it fantastic to now be in a position to introduce the UK to the only true hybrid fairway mower available on the market, but it's equally exciting to start presenting our customers with the many benefits the new machine offers," he says.

One of the main advantages of the Reelmaster 5010-H is that it is able to perform as well as, or better than, a higher horsepower machine, including scalping and verticutting.

Jeff explains how it works: "On most fairways, a 24.8hp engine has enough power to complete a job. However, when there are more challenging mowing conditions, such as hilly terrain, more power is needed. That's when the Reelmaster 5010-H sheds the cutting unit load from the engine to the battery pack, allowing more horsepower to be allocated to the traction circuit. If at that point even more power is necessary, the battery pack continues to power the cutting units while also boosting the engine, giving the machine the equivalent of over 40hp."

The result is plenty of power, but only when needed, saving users both fuel and money. "With today's rising fuel costs, the savings offered by this machine add up fast," says Jeff. "In fact, you can expect on average to save 20 percent in fuel cost over comparably equipped machines."

And that's not the only advantage, says Jeff; the Reelmaster 5010-H can also save on maintenance costs. "The reimagined design means the elimination of the DPA cutting units' hydraulic components. Hydraulic leaks on fairway mowers can be a significant and costly stress. The new design has approximately 100 fewer potential hydraulic leak points than a traditional hydraulic machine.

"And since the cylinder motors are electric, the Reelmaster 5010-H also eliminates the expense of changing hydraulic lines every few years as part of your regular maintenance schedule."

Furthermore, electrically powered cutting units mean that the cylinder speed is precisely controlled for a consistent speed and uniform performance.

Beyond fuel savings and maintenance cost reductions, the Reelmaster 5010-H also helps boost productivity. Features such as the InfoCenter LCD display provides system information, alerts, service reminders and diagnostics, while the Auto Idle feature reduces the engine to low idle after being inactive for a set period of time, resulting in less noise and even more fuel efficiency.

Available on order now, Lely has already seen the Reelmaster 5010-H generate significant interest among some of the UK's most prestigious golf clubs.

www.toro.com / www.lely.com

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