0 Lely launches MVP Filter Packs for Toro groundscare mowers

PR4160 MPV FILTERToro distributor Lely UK has launched MVP Filter Packs for the Toro groundscare range of mowers. Previously MVP Packs were available only for use on Toro golf and fine turf models.

It means operators of Toro's grounds mowers with councils, contractors and landscapers can now enjoy all the benefits of having a handy pack of replacement filters at the ready in times of need.

Lely says the demanding nature of the work means it's tempting for groundscare professionals to run their turf mowers hard and long without proper maintenance, which can lead to poor performance, costly downtime and delays. The last thing any busy operator wants.

This is where Toro's groundscare MVP Filter Packs can be a real life-saver. A prudent investment that makes it easy for operators to stay ahead of scheduled maintenance, these kits include all the oil and air filters recommended for replacement during the first 400 to 500 hours of operation.

And since the packs are designed for a specific Toro model, the right filters are always to hand come each maintenance interval.

Described as a veritable 'packet of peace of mind', the packs also make ordering filters a simple job, as well as offering greater savings against the cost of buying the same Genuine Toro Parts filters on their own.

Phil Bowen, Lely's Toro parts manager, says: "Lely is offering grounds customers a one-way ticket to notable savings and stress-free maintenance with these new MVP filter packs.

These handy kits ensure your machines operate at their full potential round the clock, with no risk of extended downtime or inconvenient delays. We're sure they'll fast become a must-have for savvy-saving groundscare professionals."

For more information contact distributor Lely UK's Toro parts department on 01480 226870, email turfcare.parts.uk@lely.com or visit toro.com.

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