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Busy Streets

By Turf One

Grass, as the saying goes, doesn't grow on busy streets. Nor, for that matter, does it grow too well on overworked gardens, where the dog runs riot, where the kids enjoy racing their wheeled chariots, or where a barbeque takes preference over the lawnmower!

Until recent years, there was no cost effective alternative but to endure parched and patchy areas represented as a mud bath in winter or a mini dust bowl in summer.

Then came artificial turf, which in its infancy won scant praise, as it wore quickly and was painful if you happened to fall down onto it. Many sports field players declared it a no - go: One famous player saying "If horses won't eat it - I won't play on it!" Commercially it struggled.ALCartificiallawn.jpg

Enter the Artificial Lawn Company!

It takes a special type of company to tackle such problems, but the boffins knew they could be overcome. They experimented; found new dimensions in endurance, they won praise with their realistic products. By refusing to accept anything but the finest materials and utilizing their own secret ingredients, they applied science to aesthetics.

The ALC now distributes products that not only look wonderful but can also be impact absorbing for safety surfaces and last a very long time. That they are pleasant to walk over and comfortable to play upon are a decided bonus.

A true success story, the ALC now boasts five different types of artificial grass, each a perfect fit for its chosen purpose. If ornamental lawns, balconies, pool surrounds, paths or sports practice areas are your particular bugbear, beat a path to the ALC - Your problems will soon be over!

  • Specialising in supplying artificial grass for smaller projects and a variety of uses.
  • Supplying the DIY market for domestic installation.
  • Available delivered to your door in wide with rolls.
  • Alternative safety surfacing for use in gardens where traditional safety surfaces are too expensive or visually unattractive.

If you are interested in becoming an authorised installer or contractor, or wish to learn more about our products and services, contact the Artificial Lawn Company on 01474 364 320.

Artificial Lawn Company is a division of Baylis Landscape Contractors. For sales enquiries in the UK, please contact Andrew Baylis on: (+44) 01474 364 320 or e-mail

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