0 Line Trimmers and Brush Cutters - a Buying Guide

EGO's range of battery-powered line trimmers and brush cutters tackle the toughest of jobs. Each has its own benefits, with some more suitable for specific gardening and landscaping tasks than others.

This guide from EGO Power + aims to give users a better understanding of the key things they should consider when buying these useful handheld tools.

What's the difference?

The difference between line trimmers and brush cutters isn't always obvious. Line trimmers tend to be smaller, lighter and, using a piece of nylon cord, are built for trimming tough-to-reach areas of lawn and for clearing small weeds and shrub. Brush cutters, on the other hand, are more powerful machines and use heavy duty steel blades to clear thicker areas of long grass, strong persistent weeds, heavy brushwood and even small trees.

Most of EGO's line trimmers have an interchangeable head so users can alternate between the two depending on the job at hand.

What's being cut?

Depending on where the tool is going to be used and the type of work its needed for will hugely influence which tool to buy. For users only planning to use their tool on lawn edges, a line trimmer will suffice. Those with more stubborn weeds or longer grass may will need to opt for a brush cutter. Users should look out for two things if looking to use on mixed length grass - the size of the cut and the speed. EGO's line trimmers come in 33cm, 35cm and 38cm models, with size increases dependent on how large the area in which it's being used. Also, users should look for a tool with variable speed adjustment to extend run time or offer excess power depending on the specific grass condition.

For professional users, EGO also offers it's Professional-X Rotocut attachment which cuts through grass, weeds and moss on concrete, pathways and verges with ease. Featuring two counter-rotating blades instead of line, it maximises run-time and prevents debris from being thrown, making it ideal for use in built up areas where risk of damage or injury is higher.

Users that have a smaller budget but are looking for a good all rounder could opt for EGO's multi tool which has interchangeable heads including line trimmer, brush cutter, pole saw, hedge trimmer, bristle brush, lawn edger and rotocut attachments.

The end of the line

When using line trimmers, line replacement is one of the biggest frustrations for both homeowners and professionals. It's a notoriously fiddly task that takes a lot of time to complete. For users that struggle with replacing new line onto the spool, EGO has introduced Powerload™ technology to some of its models. Powerload™ is the world's first self-winding line trimmer technology which enables users to load new line in as little as 10 seconds, meaning jobs can be completed more quickly, and with less stress.

Cutting with comfort

The size of the areas being cut should also be a key consideration when considering the ergonomics and practicalities of carrying the tool. When using tools on more spacious areas for a longer time, it can't be too taxing to carry around.

EGO's line trimmers come with either a loop handle or a bike handle. The adjustable loop handle allows users to alter their stance and the tools balance. Loop handle machines can get into tight spaces as the tool is more compact. Their compact nature also makes it lighter and so more suited to domestic jobs

Alternatively, bike handles allow a different option of comfort and preference with added control. This option tends to be more comfortable when used for longer periods of time because the users arms are directly in front of the body. This means they tend to be used for tougher, longer lasting jobs. Although being wider in size, models with bike handles are adjustable and will fold away to allow more compact storage.

A single-shoulder harness comes with most models too, distributing some of the weight more evenly across the body.

The balance of power

Like all of EGO's tools, the company's line trimmers and brush cutters use EGO's Arc Lithium 56v battery technology, rather than petrol. The benefits here are obvious and the market is now realising that these tools can deliver power equal to more than their petrol counterparts without the noise, fumes, or fuss.

While EGO's batteries are available up to 10Ah, users need to consider the weight of the product with use in handheld tools. With increased power comes increased size and weight. EGO recommends using its 7.5Ah battery for brush cutters and line trimmers. This not only provides more than enough run time but actually serves the user with optimum weight distribution and maximum control when cutting.

The best advice for users is to use a harness where possible and to find the centre of gravity before using the tool. This way, most of the weight is balanced on the harness and not carried in the arms

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