0 Lloyds Paladin Mower Celebrates 50 Years in Production

Paladin TG MowerLloyds Paladin Mower celebrates 50 years in production. It is probably fair to say that the original Paladin is now an iconic machine and still holds a place of affection with groundsmen around the world. The current range of Paladins although very different, still retains the same quality of construction and reliability, unique cutting mechanism and drive system.

It has kept loyal to the concept of simplicity and efficiency of operation and maintenance that makes the Paladin a popular choice for groundsmen today. Clive Nottingham, Managing Director of Lloyds and Co Letchworth Ltd is delighted with the performance of the Paladin over the last 50 years. "This is a machine which has always been highly rated by the end user. It invariably gives unprecedented performance for the professional looking for the perfect finish. Even in today's demanding sporting world where the expectations are extremely high, the Paladin always delivers on its promise."

History of the Lloyds Paladin

The Lloyds Paladin was introduced in 1961 to supersede the Lloyds Super Pegasus Mower which only had powered drive to the cutting cylinder. It was originally designed as a machine that would provide maximum cutting performance while making life more comfortable for the operator. Particular attention was paid to perfect machine control through ease of maneuverability, handling and driving comfort.

This was later improved further with maximum safety features and unrivalled reliability. "At the time it was a pioneering move to transmit the drive to the rear roller" explained Clive "and Lloyds were proud to launch the new Paladin at the National Association of Groundsmen Exhibition (former name of IOG Saltex) at the Hurlingham Club half a century ago. We have exhibited a Paladin mower at every IOG show since."

Paladin Mk9The Lloyds Paladin Mower fitted with the Villiers Mk 9 Engine.

The early machines were fitted with either BSA or Villiers Mk 7 engines until the introduction of the Mk 9 Villiers engine, especially manufactured in conjunction with Villiers to suit the high performance of the Paladin. Around 1969 this was replaced with the Villiers F15 engine and further enhancements and design changes were made to the drive and cutting system. In 1975 following successful trials with the new Honda industrial engines, Lloyds became the first OEM (own equipment manufacturer) to fit the Honda Engines in the UK and the Paladin achieved the exceptionally high levels of performance that is still present now.

As a special landmark in 1977, Lloyds produced a totally silver Paladin in celebration of the Queens Silver Jubilee year. Manufactured from high grade aluminum, the components were highly polished and all other steel parts were chromium plated. This unique machine was presented to Her Majesty and was used at Balmoral Castle.

The Silver Lloyds Paladin presented to Her Majesty the Queen

Queens Silver Jubilee PaladinIn 1978 Lloyds celebrated its own anniversary of 100 years in business. The years following have seen constant design changes and advancements including the introduction of optional reels for verti‐cutting and scarifying. The latest machines, such as the Paladin TG feature a groomer for enhanced turfcare and the Paladin Dual with micro fine adjustment. The Paladin is now available in numerous model options with a choice of cylinder blades and widths to suit all aspects of professional turf care maintenance. These machines also fully conform to all modern standards for noise, vibration and operator comfort and are still the best in the field for safety and high quality operation.

Lloyds Paladin TG fitted with turf groomer and the latest safety features.

During its impressive 133 year history Lloyds and Co Letchworth has been rated number one by many users of professional mowing equipment. On-going development over the years has produced a wide option of models to suit every sports turf application from fine turf of the cricket wickets, bowling and golf greens to gang mowers for fairways and sports pitches.

For further information on the Paladin Mower or Lloyds range of equipment visit www.lloydsandco.com

Lloyds have always worked closely with turf professionals responsible for the maintenance and general upkeep of a whole range of sports surfaces, including those used for golf, rugby, football, cricket, tennis and bowls. They manufacture and supply, robust, quality products engineered to give outstanding performance and trouble free service. Details of the range of Paladin pedestrian mowers, Leda Gang Mowers, Top Dressers, Maredo Turfcare Systems, Greenline Flail Collectors and Buffalo Turbine Blowers is on www.lloydsandco.com

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