0 London 2012 Olympic stadium pitch will have to be ripped up after Games

London's Olympic Stadium is not up to Premier League standards and the pitch will have to be ripped up after the games and replaced using £2 million in public funds to enable a football club to be able to use the venue.

The £486 million troubled centerpiece of the Olympic Park has been built without the under-soil heating required in England to stage top football matches.

West Ham would have footed the bill of up to £2m to install a new pitch with under-soil heating, but their long-term tenancy agreement was ripped up last year due to legal challenges.

Instead, the Olympic Park Legacy Company has revealed that it will have to pay for the pitch changes because the stadium will remain in public ownership and be rented out to various companies after the games.

"The Olympic Stadium is a white elephant and they now have to spend money to stop it being a white elephant," London Assembly member Andrew Boff said.

Renting the stadium to a football club is vital to ensuring the stadium's long-term viability, despite it originally being designed to primarily stage athletics events.

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