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When I first met Gordon Tamblyn, Course Manager at Mullion Golf Club on the south Cornwall coast, he immediately struck me as man with a deep passion for his course. This was obviously not just a job for Gordon but a way of life. He was deeply hurt by the damage the winter storms had dared to inflict on his beautiful clifftop master piece

Flag view Gordon had approached me for advice on remedial work to rectify salt damaged areas, as well as ongoing agronomy solutions.

The scientific advantages of calcium sulphate (gypsum) to displace sodium and improve soil bacterial and fungal activity, were clear in Gordons mind. We were able to share our in-depth knowledge and experience of the use of GYP-FLO (liquid calcium sulphate) with Gordon, to his immediate benefit. Having now treated all of his greens with GYP-FLO, Gordon is amazed at the difference in firmness and root development.

Gordon quoted "Given the amount of rainfall we have had, the firmness of my greens is remarkable and I can only put that down to the application of GYP-FLO"!

Not only has Gordon seen improvements to the greens following GYP-FLO applications but he also been able to reduce applications of other products, that he would of normally applied by this time in the season. The potential cost savings are extremely attractive to Greenkeepers, Course Managers and Head Groundsman alike.

Gordon is now undertaking further applications of GYP-FLO to the course, as part of his ongoing nutrient programme.

For more information, visit www.ultrasoil.co.uk.

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