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Peter Weston, Editor of Horticulture Week said in his introduction as he announced the winner, "In the opinion of the judging panel this product will give Ransomes Jacobsen a very competitive edge and will set the standards for other manufacturers to follow."

Shortly after the presentation Steve Chicken was recalled to the podium to receive a second award, this time for Outstanding Overall Product at the Show.

The Ipswich based turf equipment manufacturer launched MagKnife, their revolutionary new magnetic system for attaching bottom blades to commercial mowers at Saltex with the claim that it revolutionises mower maintenance. MagKnife1.jpg

Ever since Edward Budding invented the lawnmower back in 1832, the bottom blade has been held in place by screws. MagKnife uses powerful magnets together with special dowels to position and locate the bottom blade securely in position without the use of any screws. With no screws to remove or insert, the time required to replace worn or damaged bottom blades is reduced from hours to minutes with this new, patented technology.

The unique feature of the system is the strength of the magnets that exert a force in excess of 19kgm (140 ftlbs) across the bottom blade yet, by using a special removal tool, requires only minimal effort to break the hold to remove the blade.

Visitors to the Ransomes Jacobsen Stand were literally amazed with the new development and once the initial scepticism had been overcome they could see the enormous benefits that MagKnife offers.

Technicians and mechanics witnessed the ease and timesaving that can now be achieved when replacing bottom blades. Greenkeepers and course managers quickly appreciated the flexibility of the system, which allows blades to be changed almost at will, such as when top dressing or preparing for a tournament. And, the fact that it is a retro fit means that there is no need to buy a new machine to take advantage of the new technology.

Invented in Canada by Jeff Buchko, a former turf equipment dealer, developed in the US by Jacobsen Textron, and tested and evaluated in the UK, MagKnife has involved international cooperation across two continents. Worldwide patents have been granted on both the magnetic system and the special removal tool.

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