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bowls-2.jpgBowls England has received several enquiries regarding the use of wooden/concrete boards (erected to support the playing surface) that stand above the level of the playing surface and therefore may prevent a bowl or jack from running into the ditch in their normal course.

Given the concerns raised, Bowls England has sought advice from the Greens Maintenance Advisory Service and the English Bowls Umpires Association on this matter and in light of responses received now wishes to advise all clubs as follows:

A green should be level up to the ditch, and any rink with a 'lip' or 'obstruction' should not be used for competitive play in County Championships (leading to Bowls England National Championships) or Bowls England National Competitions; County associations and other governing bodies (i.e leagues) may wish to consider the eligibility of such rinks in events under their jurisdiction and issue advice as appropriate; In any match where a rink with a 'lip' or 'obstruction' is used, should any bowl or jack be prevented from running into the ditch by such an 'obstruction', Law 28.3 (Bowl displacement by a neutral person or neutral object) or Law 33.3 (Jack displacement by a neutral person or neutral object) will apply and the skips (or opponents in singles) should agree on where the bowl/jack would have come to rest; In doing so, all members are reminded of the application of 'common sense' to such a decision and the desire for good sporting behaviour within our sport.

The Greens Maintenance Advisory Service adds that leaving a slightly longer (i.e. cut at 6-8mm) strip of grass (i.e. 30cm) around the edge of the green can assist the preservation of grass on the ends without interfering with play, but longer grass and/or a wider strip does interfere with play and should not be permissible.

article sourced from Bowls England

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