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Finalejpg.jpgLine-marking preparation on sports turf is a precise operation demanding accuracy from the herbicide used to 'burn-off 'and mark out a straight and narrow 'pathway' for the final 'white' line.

The herbicide must be active against all green plants (grasses and broad leaves) with a 'total' but rigidly-narrow effect, and not migrating either side of the thin strip of sports turf over which applied.

Finale® (active ingredient glufosinate-ammonium) from Bayer Environmental Science is ideal for this important, season-long task in football pitch management. It is a fast acting non-selective herbicide that scorches and kills by contact all green plant tissue it touches, whether turf grass, weed grass or broad-leaved weeds that escaped selective herbicide treatment.

Finale® is perfectly safe to use because the herbicide only scorches and kills plant tissue actually touched. There is some translaminar (localised) movement into the leaf to accelerate and complete the effect within 3-4 days. Long-lived perfectly straight pitch lines is the prompt reward from 'making your mark' with Finale.

Creation of new lines requires 80 ml of Finale® mixed in 5 L water to provide a linear coverage of 1333 m. For reinforcement of existing lines mix 50 ml of Finale® in 5 L water to achieve same linear coverage. Figures relate to line-marking machines with a 7.5 cm swath.

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