0 Mantis BunkerMaster is par for the course

One of the greatest challenges for greenkeepers is bunker maintenance and achieving consistency. Bunkers may account for less than two percent of the playing area on the golf course but often represent over twenty five percent of maintenance costs.

Keeping them in shape can be labour intensive, particularly after heavy rain and any fast solution to bring them back into play should be embraced. Mantis is a name synonymous with gardening and smallholdings where, as a tiller with attachments, there are over two million sold to date.

Take then the technology behind this versatile power tool and apply it to bunker maintenance and you'll be surprised by the results. The Mantis BunkerMaster aerates the top 30mm of sand and never digs in, while being designed to work away from the operator for maximum control. It has a powerful commercial grade engine that spins spring loaded picks at 200 rpm and the first thing you notice is its light weight.

It's perfect for working in tight edges and banks, re-distributing sand with ease and getting the bunker back into shape. But it doesn't stop there. Often there is a problem with thick moss and thatch in the grass around the bunker banks. The Mantis BunkerMaster removes ingrained sand and thatch, in even the most awkward banks, three times faster than hand raking and it's a lot less tiring.

Its light weight and compact shape also make it easy to carry around and chuck into the back of a buggy or UTV. But don't be deceived, it may be light but it's built to stand the wear and tear. Features include a centrifugal clutch, a powerful 4-stroke motor with electronic ignition, rugged drive shaft and gears and it comes with a one-year professional warranty.

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