0 McMurtry launch new radio controlled slope mowers

robot mowers McMurtry ltd announces its latest radio controlled robotic mowers designed to operate in dangerous environments such as sloping ground and close to waterways.

With an ever increasing awareness of hazards associated with maintenance of banked areas within the amenity industry, the RC-01 and RC-02 mowers enable operators to reduce risks and improve productivity at the same time. Boasting McMurtry's proprietary radio control system and electric hybrid drive technology the RC-01 and RC-02 tracked machines allow safe cutting of grass and larger vegetation on sloping ground, unstable surfaces as well as under low hanging branches whilst minimising any risks to the operator. Available in two sizes of rotary mower the RC-01 (610mm cut width) and the RC-02 (1015mm cut width) provide property owners and contractors two cost effective options of bank mowing up to 45°.

robot mower 1 robot mower 2

"Even a slope of 15°can be extremely hazardous to an operator of a ride on mower if there are unfavourable condition such as wet grass, uneven surfaces and even the type of tyre," commented designer Richard McMurtry. "From vehicle slides to full machine rollover, all these risks must be assessed. Even using an operator on foot with a strimmer has its own hazards from slipping, noise and vibration white finger. The RC-01 and RC-02 minimise all these risks as they are operated remotely from much safer conditions."

With prices starting from £9995.00 ( +VAT) interested facility owners, contractors or indeed anyone considering maintaining sloped ground and reducing risks to personnel are encouraged to experience the cost effective benefits of radio controlled mowing. www.mcmurtryltd.co.uk

If you would like to see the machines in action or any more details please contact

Richard or Ben McMurtry
McMurtry Ltd
01453 544135 info@mcmurtryltd.co.uk

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