0 Mitox®, formerly Kawasaki. Same product, new name

Take the Kawasaki reputation for quality, reliability and durability and roll it into the new Japanese-made Mitox and you have a formidable range of commercial brushcutters. That is what has just been launched in the UK to give Mitox a really competitive edge with professional brushcutters at grass roots pricing.

Mitox 5300UK PROThe new Mitox machines, formerly Kawasaki, still boast Kawasaki engines and quality Japanese manufacture, yet at lower prices in 2015 than you would have paid for the equivalent Kawasaki brushcutter in 2014. Add to this the comprehensive 3-year commercial warranty (5-years domestic) and you can easily see why Mitox, already one of the fastest growing garden machinery brands, has staked its claim on becoming a leader in landscaping, groundscare, amenity and forestry. To further stamp this mark there will also be other products in the professional range to come.

At the top end of the brushcutter range is the Mitox heavy-duty 5300UK PRO for the professional who is using a brushcutter all day in harsh surroundings. Forestry, landscaping and heavy-duty verge applications spring immediately to mind, due to its commercial grade performance and reliability. The Mitox comes with a two-line nylon head with hand/arm vibration figures of right/left 2.7/2.5 (ahv, eq m/s) and a three tooth metal blade, with hand/arm vibration of right/left 2.3/1.6 (ahv, eq m/s). Power comes in the form of the 2-stroke 53.2cc Kawasaki engine producing 2.0kW at 8000 rpm. So you get a powerful machine with low vibration and still weighing in at just 10.4kg. The U handle makes light work of the toughest conditions and adjusts for transport. All this comes at a price of only £499.17 plus VAT so it's worth starting to compare prices for this and the other new brushcutters in the range.

Start with the Mitox 2700LK PRO which offers a commercial grade, lightweight, brushcutter with low noise, low vibration, ideal balance and easy-start for lawn and garden maintenance. This retails at only RRP £307.50 plus VAT. There are four more machines to choose from to cover garden, intermediate and heavy duty use. All of which means to you, the end user, Mitox - formerly Kawasaki, is setting new standards in brushcutters because you get the same product at a lower price and only the name has changed.

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