3 Mobile Lighting Rig

Mobile Lighting Rig


This novel technology enables grass growth during the whole winter providing natural grass of very good quality. Applying artificial light in a mobile rig makes this possible. Three series of biological tests have been carried out at the NCRI from 1999 to 2003. A comprehensive wear test took place in the cold winter months of 2002-2003 at a test range of 120 sq.metres with convincing results.

In the development of the Mobile Lighting Rig (MLR) focus has been on the following issues:

· MLR to provide sufficient lighting for grass growth in shaded areas
· Large pitch coverage but small parking space
· Lightweight materials giving minimum ground pressure from wheels on the pitch
· Easy and safe handling and quick moving in and out of pitch
· Competitive price
· Standard transport requirements; containers or trailers

A prototype of the MLR is currently (Oct-Dec 2003) being tested at the City of Manchester Stadium.

Contact persons:
Hans Edgar Paulsen paulsen@stab.no +47 9825 6299
Kolbjørn Sæther ksaether@online.no +47 9524 4404
Peder Solheim peder@geograf.no +47 5168 6910

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