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Campey Turf Care Systems are anticipating strong demand for the latest additions to their specialist machinery line-up. The company has recently been appointed as the UK and Ireland distributor for the Dutch made Vredo range of overseeders. Groundcare professionals had their first chance to view the products at IOG Saltex 2006. Vredo Disc Seeder

These innovative machines are designed for precision and effectiveness. They all feature a purpose-designed seed dispensing system, with specially configured seed containers and cam wheels. This makes the Vredo machines very compact, a feature aided by the roller being of a small diameter, which increases penetrating force and reduces weight.

In operation, specially engineered cutter discs make V-shaped slits in the turf at variable depths between 0.5-2.5cm (1/4-1in). Seed is dispensed into the slots at an adjustable rate and a heavy rear roller presses and seals the slit to achieve the best conditions for germination.

A wide selection of Vredo machines are available with operating widths of 1.0m, 1.4m, 1.8m, and 2.2m, and having respective seed box capacities of 100 litres, 140 litres, 180 litres and 220 litres. All are suitable for use with compact tractors and between them they cover the requirements of all types of amenity and sports turf facilities.

Overseeding is an essential maintenance operation for the rejuvenation of heavily used turf. With increasing pressure on sports facilities to accommodate greater levels of play to meet demand, the task has taken on an even greater significance.

Trials of Vredo overseeders have shown that an impressive germination rate of between 90-95% is achievable, promoting establishment of a dense sward with vigorous growth.

Campey Turf Care Systems prides itself on seeking out and offering high work-rate, low-cost machines that meet the needs of todays turf professionals.

Compost spreaders meet councils' needs

Dakota 414 Top Dresser More local authorities are collecting and recycling green waste to create high-quality compost on a large scale. Campey Turf Care Systems have the ideal machines for the quick and effective application of the finished material, in the form of the Dakota 412 and 414 Turf Tenders.

The machines combine versatility with a high work-rate. The spreading operation is easily adjusted by electro-hydraulic controls in the tractor cab, with application widths being variable from 3.5-9.0m (11ft 6in-30ft). Both feature a specially designed dual spinner system for consistent performance without clogging.

The 412 can be operated with tractors of 30hp and above with a hydraulic flow rate of 20 litres per minute. It has a maximum level load capacity of 1.68 cu m (11.7 cu yd). Measuring 3.66m long, 2.075m wide and 1.68m high (144in by 81in by 67in), its unladen weight is 827kg (1,820 lbs).

The larger 414 can be powered by a 40hp tractor or larger, again with a 20 litres per minute hydraulic flow rate. Weighing 1361kg (3,000 lbs) unladen, its dimensions are 4.77m long by 2.59m wide by 2m high (188in by 102in by 72in). Its maximum level load capacity is 3.25 cu m (4.25 cu yd).

Both machines feature independent walking beam axles. These ensure a light footprint on turf surfaces and enable ground contours to be followed easily. Maximum operating speed is an impressive 7.5mph.

An electronic control box gives clear digital readouts of settings for total accuracy and an optional hopper vibrator can be fitted for optimal distribution.

The 412 and 414 can also be used to spread top-dressing, sand, rubber crumb and grass seed on sports and amenity turf.

Dragmat range increased

Campey Turf Care Systems have added a newcomer to their range of Raycam rubber dragmats. At 20mm wide, it is twice the thickness of the existing mats and is offered in bigger sizes, making it ideal for large-scale treatment of football pitches, outfields and other grass expanses.
It joins an already very comprehensive line-up with sizes and configurations to meet all turf professionals' needs. Designed for one-pass operation without damaging the sward, they are available in 4ft, 6ft, 8ft and 10ft widths (1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m and 3m.) Drag mat range

They can be pulled by hand, mounted on a tractor three-point linkage or attached to turf utility vehicles. Dragmats can be used to work top-dressing into turf quickly and effectively, and to disperse grass clippings without damaging the grass leaf. They can also remove morning dew on greens for a true playing surface and for preventing fungal activity.

Groundsmen who maintain artificial pitches also use them to groom synthetic turf and hard porous surfaces. So for many turf professionals, a mat is a must!

Tend the turf and cut the hassle

Turfworks systems fit on virtually any machine Campey Turf Care Systems graphically display the versatility of their TurfWorks Fine Turf Greens Maintenance Cassette System.
TurfWorks cassette attachments can be mounted on the cutting reels of both a veteran Jacobsen 622 mower and on a modern John Deere 2500E battery-driven greens mower, showing how the system can be used with virtually any greens mower that may be in a professional's machinery shed.

Nine different cassettes are available for key maintenance tasks, including a verti-cutter, a vibrating brush for integrating top-dressing with the vibro roller, a sarel roller, a star spiker, a scarifier and a rotary grooming brush. In addition, an Ultra Grooma cassette can remove unsightly poa annua seed heads before this undesirable grass species can establish, encouraging healthy turf growth. All attachments can be fitted in seconds and adjusted without the use of tools.

The robust construction of the TurfWorks system enables it to incorporate an effective vibrating roller system, achieved by offset weights on the rotating shaft. Vibrations of an optional frequency are transmitted to front and rear rollers on the True Level Vibro Roller cassette. This generates a smoothing effect to 'iron out' greens turf, creating the consistent, faster putting surface demanded by today's golfers.

For more information on any of the above please contact Campey's on 01260 224568.
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