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Frederic Lietaer and Chris GibsonPSD Groundscare and ELIET Europe of Belgium are pleased to announce that they have made an agreement for PSD to become the UK distributor for all ELIET products commencing on the 1st of April 2013.

ELIET is an innovation-driven company that has built its expertise over 30 years in the following areas: garden waste treatment, lawn maintenance and lawn creation, as well as waste clearance and snow clearing.

ELIET has been best known in the UK for its range of green waste shredders and whilst these will continue to be a very important part of the ELIET product range, PSD are keen to expand the UK product offering into the other areas of ELIET's expertise.

Speaking about this new development Chris Gibson, Managing Director of PSD said "We are very excited about the prospects of developing the ELIET brand in the UK.

ELIET is well known for its innovative shredder range, but it has many more innovative products within in its range that have not been fully promoted in the UK, including lawn and turf maintenance equipment, blowers, vacuums, chippers, scarifiers, seeding machines, lawn edgers, aerator and top dressers for both the private and professional user alike" Chris continued, "Since we first made contact with ELIET we have been impressed with their innovative approach to developing new machinery for the garden and professional groundscare market and we are looking forward to explaining their full range of products to dealers and end-users alike."


Alongside the NEW PRO 5, professional shredder, Eliet have launched the new generation ELIET MINOR 4S and MAJOR 4S SHREDDERS. With ELIET's unique patented "Chopping Principle™", just like an axe, the blades chop the wood according to the direction of the fibres. The blade system makes thousands of chopping motions per minute and also cuts all leafy and wet green waste without any problems, the green waste is rendered into small chips in a cycle of chopping and cutting. As a result, the structure of the ELIET Biotech™ chips are well suited to decomposition having a good, airy mixture with just the right moisture content. That's why Biotech™ chips improve your composting system.

The big advantage of this ELIET Chopping principle™ is just how little power is needed to chop the wood into chips. It's easier to cut wood with the grain, which is why the Chopping principle ™ does it this way. As a result ELIET shredders get better performances from limited engine power, which means lower fuel consumption and less noise and lighter, more compact machines, suitable for almost any kind of application; whether consumer or professional.

Now ELIET has developed and patented an add-on to this unique cutting system to make it even better, the ELIET TURBO DISCHARGE™, a discharge chute that will blow the chopped debris at your chosen location. A turbine produces a suction effect sucking the chippings into the shredding chamber, and then blows them out through the 270⁰ variable blow chute. Even when no materials are being shredded, this turbo shredding system remains in operation to prevent blockage and to constantly clear the turbine. With the ELIET 4S "4 Seasons" ideology, the machines become even more versatile and can cope with virtually all kinds of green waste all year round.

• In Spring - fresh shoots
• In Summer - hedge trimmings, more mature waste produced from pruning and trimming
• In Autumn - leaves and moist material
• In Winter - wood

Most of the chippers on the market can only deal with part of this waste, but by investing in the ELIET 4S "4 Seasons" technology; you can use the shredder at any time for any type of green waste.



ELIET'S innovation continues with the launch of the NEW E600 Compactor. This professional dethatcher has finally solved the ever existing problem of collecting. Scarifying becomes as easy as mowing, because now the job is neatly done in only one passage. Important product features include: easy adjustable roller spacing settings for optimal collection in all conditions, rubber coated drive roller for less noise and less damage in transport, and higher discharge for better compaction in the collector box.


ELIET also provides two machines that combine almost all landscaping operations in one machine. With the ELIET GZC 750 or 1000, the professional landscaper has a machine that prepares the seedbed (crumbling, ground levelling, rolling), levels out the ground, sows and presses the soil to cover the sown grass seed. This means a substantial saving of time and money over the laying of pre- cultivated turf, leaving more money to spend on the rest of the garden.


To rejuvenate and restore lawns ELIET offer two self propelled overseeders that rank among the most cutting-edge in the market, the ELIET DZC550 and DZC750. Both are affordable and efficient options and combine all of the steps required to sow a lawn in one operation with One-pass dethatching and seeding new seed into an existing lawn, with the ground available for normal use immediately, which is extremely beneficial for sports fields.


The ELIET EDGE STYLER PRO, has much more to offer than a classic edge cutter, in addition to creating dead straight lawn edges, it is especially useful for making round winding lawn edges. This new innovative edge dresser design also means a revolution for green keepers who now finally have a machine suitable to precisely work on golf bunkers.
The blades of the Edge Styler PRO can be easily changed for over 8 different purposes including, edge cutting, and cable trenching of cables for robot mowers.


Many athletes who step onto a football field run a higher risk of injuries due to the poor condition of the sports field. The ELIET ECOCURE combines 5 lawn care operations in ONE MACHINE. The unit connects to the back of your ride-on mower, like a trailer, and can be used to roll, aerate, top dress, scarify and spread for example sand, enabling fast, efficient and inexpensive performance of a series of essential treatments which a perfect sports ground or playing field requires.


ELIET have extended the existing range of debris loaders with the TRUCKLOADER TL 450 PRO, designed to meet the needs of intensive users. Equipped with a powerful engine, the air cyclone develops a suction power that effortlessly removes large volumes of leaves, ideal for gardens and local authority parks. This ELIET model meets the requirements of customers who are looking for a budget-friendly machine that can be loaded onto a trailer, with a wide suction hose and discharge pipe ensuring easy passage of the vacuumed material and practically excluding blockages.

Obviously supply of the machines is just the start...... PSD is part of the GGM Group with a proven infrastructure, and ISO9001 accreditation in place to offer professional service and backup. PSD is committed to working exclusively with the professional dealer trade to ensure all ELIET users are offered professional advice, service and backup and will over the coming weeks look to further develop its website to include on-line manuals, parts look-up and ordering so as to further enhance the after-sales service we are able to offer ELIET users.

PSD is committed to offering a full range of both commercial and consumer groundscare machinery to the end user that is reliable and productive and that complies with all the current EU safety regulations. The addition of the ELIET brand to the current range of AS Motor mowers and brushcutters, Koeppl 2-wheel tractors and implement carriers, and Rotair range of remote control mowers products means we now have one of the largest ranges of specialist Groundscare products on the market.

PSD are keen to talk to dealers and customers both old and new about the opportunities of selling the complete line of ELIET products and are urging them to make contact as soon as possible.
ELIET has formally been represented in the UK by Pinnacle Power Equipment Ltd, who will continue to represent ELIET prior to PSD commencing distribution from the 1st April, 2013.

For further information on the full ELIET range of machinery, please contact Stuart Mercer, PSD Sales Director on 07973 454005 or email sales@psdgroundscare.com

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