0 MOX offer Maximum Security

MOX offer Maximum Security

By Richard Bishop

MOX, the largest operators of golf cars in Europe, know more than most about managing golf car fleets. One of the growing problems being experienced is the theft and vandalism of golf cars. This problem is not just about people breaking in to golf clubs overnight, it can happen at any time of the day or night. MOX have introduced two systems to suit all budgets to minimise theft and vandalism.

The simplest of the systems is the Bug Lock. This is a mechanical device placed over the accelerator pedal which is then locked to prevent any further movement. It is a visible deterrent which works on the principle that the accelerator pedal is the most important single element in the operation of a golf car, since it is also the starter for the car.


General Manager of MOX UK Glynn Patrick commented. "Vandalism, misuse and in some instances forgetful staff, are an increasing problem in golf car fleet management. Using either of the systems mentioned will certainly reduce the magnitude of these problems and possibly avoid them totally. MOX offer more advantageous insurance rates for clubs who use our security systems or who can prove that their fleet is well secured at night.

The photo shows the Remoteplus handset. To find out more about MOX please visit www.mox-int.com or phone 08701 646004

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