0 Multivator is made for sports turf

BLEC Multivator

It makes a great deal of sense when you need to de-compact and top dress sports turf if you can combine both without even needing to import soil.

That's exactly what you can do with the BLEC Multivator, a unique sports turf renovation implement that recycles buried soil around the root zone, bringing it up to the surface and then incorporating it back into the root structure. In one pass, the Multivator eliminates the need to import materials, saving you time and money.

The machine works on the principle of specially designed, closely spaced, carbide faced blades that slit and lift the soil to recycle it, leaving any unwanted stones buried for a clean finish. The depth is controlled by employing a flat skid frame and, once lifted, the soil dressing is incorporated back into the surface by a drag brush. There is an optional hydraulic brush also available and the Multivator can be operated only as a rotary de-compacter if needed simply by fitting optional smooth blades. A seed hopper can also be fitted for one-pass overseeding.

The Multivator comes in both a compact/mid version as well as a heavy duty one. The Multivator Heavy Duty is designed for contractors whose work requires a long-life high production machine. It will both de-compact and recycle the soil and features close blades spaced at 20cm (optional 10cm) with a heavy duty skid plate and a four-speed gearbox with a side gear drive - there are no chains.

The special blades will penetrate down to 20cm to lift the soil to the surface. This version will produce up to 100kg of recycled soil per 100 sq metres and has as standard a hydraulic rotary brush, with optional blades for de-compacting only, and an optional seed hopper. The Multivator Heavy Duty is designed to operate with tractors from 70 -125hp. You have to ask yourself why have the time, bother and expense of having to import top soil when you can have a machine that de-compacts and does the job for you?


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