0 Myerscough student wins GSB Turf Prize

Myerscough student wins GSB Turf Prize

By Editor

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GSB Loams enjoyed an excellent BTME at Harrogate this January with record numbers of visitors coming to their stand despite the harsh weather at the start of the show.

New and exisitng customers came to buy loams and top dressings in their droves with the GSB County and Club loams proving to be the most popular product range.

GSB also unveiled new lightweight soils ideal for roof garden work which incorporate soil and green compost in combination with lightweight aggregates such as vermiculite and lytag.

Along with all the new and existing product news, GSB ran a questionnaire/competition on the stand gauging opinions in the natural v artificial debate so close to the Industry's heart. With the heading '3G- Third generation or Sportsturf Industry Degeneration?' visitors to GSB's stand were asked 'Do you think the latest artificial turf technology represents a threat to the natural sportsturf industry?'.

The findings showed:-

  • 55% thought Yes

  • 27% said No

  • 16% thought the two could happily co exist

  • 2% don't knows.

To entice more opinions GSB Loams offered the latest work by 'Al' Turgeon and 'Jo' Vargas called 'Poa Annua:Physiology,Culture and Control of Annual Bluegrass' and in the draw made by Pitchcare's John Richards (shown in picture) the winning entry was made appropriately by a Turfgrass Student at Myerscough College, Bobby Kerr.

We hope he enjoys his read and looks forward to a busy Springtime, top dressing Winter Pitches and Golf Courses alike as GSB Loams continues to establish its presence in the Sportsturf World.

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