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7511 2.JPGCharterhouse Turf Machinery's Soil Harmony division has provided solutions for a variety of sports turf applications.

The company's range of biodynamic nutrients invigorate rootzones and provide effective integrated pest management. This produces healthy, vibrant plants with improved drought tolerance for stress-free sports turf. Of natural origins, all the products are environmentally friendly and sustainable as well as being economical and totally safe to use.

A Soil Health Check - soil sampling and laboratory analytical services is available to pinpoint exactly which treatments are required. This is followed by nutrient balancing and detoxification to correct any deficiencies, break down toxic elements such as pesticides and excess chemical fertilisers and to balance pH.

Soil life inoculation to stimulate beneficial bacteria, or where microbes are lacking, microbe inoculation, is then carried out to boost soil health and the condition of the rootzone. Regular feeding of the soil and bacteria then helps to maintain the status quo.

Products which will be highlighted this year include Verno Fusion and the BIOS range.

Chelated liquid calcium supplement VernoFusion, which provides turf with an uninterrupted supply of calcium, nitrogen and associated nutrients is the subject of an exciting research programme at a leading London university.

Also proving highly successful is the BIOS range, liquid conditioners which help to detoxify contaminants in the rootzone, creating a positive environment for beneficial microbes and fungi to flourish.

Just one application improves soil structure, increases soil and plant health and provides powerful microbial protection and soil d7511.jpgetoxification. The sward gains increased resistance to disease and greater drought tolerance. Healthy grass growth also minimises moss infestations and discourages weed grasses such as Poa Annua.

Two formulations are currently available. BIOS Turf Tonic contains a multitude of turf nutrients selected to feed beneficial micro flora and fauna. It is biologically active with the ability to chelate nutrients, increasing their availability, and to detoxify contaminated soils.

To make nutrients more available and enhance their uptake, BIOS 4/20 contains beneficial microbes, which are hardy and thrive in a variety of soils. BIOS 4/20 must be brewed for 24-48 hours before application and is available as self brew or ready to use.

Soil Harmony's nutrient products can be effectively applied using the company's AM Applicator, eliminating the need for an extra pass with a sprayer. Mounting the applicator onto an aerator also takes advantage of the increase in microbial activity after aeration, highlighted in the "Beneath the Surface" research at Holloway College.

Charterhouse Turf Machinery's ability to source high performance products is an aspect that sets the Soil Harmony service apart from other suppliers.

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