0 New 26” INFiNiSystem™ to reach new markets – and Tines-Shop goes live.

pr pic 6Pride of place on The Grass Group stand at BTME was the first showing of ATT's 26" INFiNiSystem™. Designed with all the features of its celebrated 22" sister, this completely new product has the same dual Hybrid/Battery power source and range of SMART cassettes for the ultimate in turf maintenance.

The 26" floating head INFiNiSystem™ has been designed to offer even greater productivity - especially when compared to a standard 22" greens mower.

The floating nature of the 26" means it can follow contours to the same extent as a 22" Fixed Head. This translates to at least a 15% saving in labour without compromising the quality of cut. Collars, Tees and approaches are easily accommodated too.

However, it is in the area of Bowls and Cricket greens where the 26" will find a particular new home. Groundsmen here will be able to benefit from the greater productivity on offer.

Whilst being able to achieve the same low heights of cut as the 22" INFiNiSystem™, it has the ability to use the same range of TMSystem™ SMART cassettes as well to Aerate, Brush, De-Thatch, Groom, Level, Mow, Scarify and Top Dress.

Launched at Saltex last year, The Grass Group's exclusive partnership for the UK and Europe with US manufacturer Ceres Turf Inc. has resulted in their new online 'Tines-Shop' going live.

This is a dedicated website for the supply of a comprehensive range of competitively priced replacement tines and bedknives, manufactured to the highest quality.

CTI's one piece solid rod construction method, from 4140 superior steel, exceeds the norm in the field of replacement tines and bedknives. It leads to a longer life, with optimum wear, and are considered to be 'best-in-class' to provide significant operational performance with value for money.

The Grass Group, along with Ceres Turf, also displayed a selection of the most popular tines and bedknives suitable for a range of OEMs including Jacobsen, John Deere, Toro, Redexim and Wiedenmann, which can be quickly despatched nationally by The Grass Group parts department.


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