0 New 3R & 4R Series compacts from John Deere

3038R compact tractor studioJohn Deere's new mid-chassis 3R Series and large-chassis 4R Series compact tractors for 2014 replace the previous 3020 and 4020 Series models. A 3045R model can be seen for the first time in the UK on the Farol dealer stand (F35) at SALTEX 2014 in September, alongside other new machines from the John Deere golf and turf range.

The four-wheel drive 3033R, 3038R, 3045R, 4049R and 4066R models feature powerful three- or four-cylinder Yanmar diesel engines from 33 to 66hp. They are equipped with John Deere's well established automatic eHydro transmission, which combines a three-range electronic hydrostatic unit with simple to use TwinTouch forward and reverse pedals.

The eHydro transmission also boasts three unique features for exceptional performance in a wide range of tractor applications:
• LoadMatch automatically adjusts the machine speed to the engine load for maximum performance without stalling the engine, which is useful when moving heavy loads or mowing thick grass;
• quick-adjust MotionMatch adjusts the transmission response instantly to the task at hand - ideal for front loader work, for example;
• SpeedMatch allows the operator to preset a maximum speed when the pedal is fully depressed, which is particularly useful when operating rear-mounted implements.

A ComfortGard cab is standard on the 4R models and optional on the 3R Series, and keeps noise levels down to just 79dB(A). This new cab has been designed to provide excellent all round visibility and operator comfort, with large, robust glass panels, an air-suspended seat, a high-performance air conditioning and heating system and easy to use hydraulic levers.

A standard joystick control is also available to operate mounted implements, including a new John Deere H Series front loader and optional front hitch with pto. The H165 (3R) and H180 (4R) front loaders are easy to attach and remove, and feature maximum lift capacities of 964 or 1263kg and lift heights of 2.6 or 2.8m respectively. A built-in parking stand automatically moves into position when the loader is demounted.

3045R compact tractor + H165 loader studioThe 3R Series tractors are fitted as standard with rear- and mid-mounted ptos to accept a wide range of implements and attachments, including a choice of John Deere AutoConnect drive-over rotary mower decks and an optional materials collection system. Using AutoConnect, the deck and driveshaft automatically connect when driving over the mower, and disconnect when reversing off, without the operator having to leave the tractor seat to attach or remove the deck. The side-discharge mower decks are available with cutting widths of 1.5 and 1.8m (60 and 72in).

In addition John Deere's award-winning Hitch Assist system, which is standard on the 4R Series models, makes coupling up implements and trailers to the tractor's rear hitch quicker, easier and safer, and means the operator only has to leave the tractor seat once. External switches mounted on the rear fender allow the operator to move the tractor backwards and forwards at a maximum speed of 12mm/second and raise or lower the hitch as required.

Overall tractor lift capacity at the rear linkage is 1148 or 1420kg and towing capacity is 4000 or 5000kg respectively for the 3R and 4R Series. UK list prices start at £20,591 (€23,668 in Ireland) for the 3033R model, and £29,670 (€37,493 in Ireland) for the 4049R, excluding VAT.

Website: www.JohnDeere.co.uk

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