0 New Addition completes PH management range

New Addition completes PH management range

By Carol Dutton

Turf Managers suffering from high acidity in their soils should welcome Magcarb, Vitax's new addition for pH management.

A blend of Calcium and Magnesium in a mini-granular form, Magcarb has a high neutralising value where pH levels are down, raising them with immediate response. Rich in Magnesium and easy to apply, the product aids cell division, strengthens plant stems and increases microbial activity. Better root growth and improved uptake of nutrients are additional benefits from a product which complements the company's existing "Sulphur 95", designed to redress soils with excess alkalinity.

Vitax's commercial development manager Clive Williams says that MagCarb is a welcome new addition, completing the company's pH management range.

Vitax have also re-introduce two popular products in bigger, better value sizes for 2005.

From Feb. 1st. the company's Green Up Weedfree Spot Weedkiller, formerly in a 400 ml aerosol will be available in a new bumper 600 ml size, representing a lower cost per ml, and their Growcover Germination Sheet, previously 30.5 metres 2.74 metres will come in a new larger 50 metres by 1.9 metres version, for the same price.

"Both these products have proved very popular with greenkeepers and groundsmen," says Clive Williams, Vitax's commercial development manager "but we've been aware for some time that they would find larger sizes more convenient. We're delighted that by producing bigger versions we can also offer better value for money."

For further information on either Vitax's new MagCarb,Green Up Weed Free Aerosol, or Growcover, contact Vitax Ltd. on Tel: 01530 510060

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