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At their recent meeting in Harrogate, RIPTA (The Register of Independent Professional Turfgrass Agronomists) elected Jeff Perris as the new Administrator of the Register. Jeff retired from STRI 2 years ago after being a consultant agronomist for 43 years.

He was one of the founder members of RIPTA and has been Administrator of the Register in the past. Jeff says "now that I have more spare time in my retirement, I hope that some of this time can be given to promoting and developing RIPTA both nationally and internationally"

The Register was formed in 2002 to provide a source of agronomic consultancy of the highest standard and was widely welcomed in the sports turf industry. Many Sports Governing Bodies, funding organisations, as well those involved in sports turf management, now refer to RIPTA as their source of agronomic expertise Consultants on the Register

• Must hold a recognised first degree or MSc in plant or earth science. • Consultants' recent experience must include at least four years post-graduate
experience as a full-time, independent turfgrass agronomist.

• The Consultants must have no association or understanding however informal with any commercial organisation that could influence his or her independence. Any such association or understanding within the last four years will make a Consultant ineligible unless the Register Administrator determines a majority of those on the list wish this requirement to be waived in a particular case.

• Consultants or their employer must have and maintain insurance including Professional Indemnity insurance that satisfies the requirements of the Register Administrator. These requirements may change from time to time after consultation with those on the Register. On request, Consultants will provide evidence of cover and details of all claims made whether or not they were successful.

• Consultants' other business activities will not conflict with their ability to provide advice and Consultants with other business interests need to show the major part of the income derives from turf consultancy.

• Consultants or their employer must have and observe a written Code of Ethics which must include the following:

Ø all promotion or advertising materials shall be clear accurate and incapable of misleading in any way

Ø trading terms and conditions shall be expressly agreed (even if the Consultant's standard terms are used) prior to any consultancy services starting
Ø all the services will be provided to the best of the Consultant's ability and the Consultant will use his or her best endeavours to satisfy the client's requirements
Ø no services are offered except where the Consultant knows his or her experience and qualifications mean they can be supplied to the highest standards
Ø all the relevant laws, regulations and codes of practice will be fully understood and observed
Ø there shall not be any understanding with any supplier or manufacturer which results in the Consultant or their employer directly or indirectly benefiting from the use of that supplier or manufacturer whether or not the understanding limits the Consultant's ability to always give his or her best advice.

For further information about RIPTA visit www.ripta.co.uk

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