0 New Aercore 800 aerates and verticuts in one pass

New Aercore 800 aerates and verticuts in one pass

By Steve Mitchell

Greenkeepers and groundsmen can now aerate and verticut their turf in one pass using a unique dual-purpose machine from John Deere.

A new verticut attachment is now available to fit onto the latest version of the Aercore 800 pedestrian aerator, equipped with a 25hp petrol engine and standard drive wheel core deflectors. Designed to save time and labour from coring to clean-up, this 'linear' aeration concept provides deep scarification to encourage growth, remove surface compaction, allow moisture retention and absorption, and remove thatch.

Once the verticutter attachment is fitted, operators may choose to aerate only, verticut only, or simultaneously aerate and verticut. During the combined operation, the cores are pulled first, which reduces the surface tension to allow the verticutter attachment to slice cleanly to a maximum depth of 44.5mm (1¾in) in all four operating gears, depending on soil conditions.

Operating width is the same as the aerator at 800mm (31½in). Blade spacing is 25mm (1in) as standard, but can be varied between 19 and 38mm (¾ to 1½in) in 6mm (¼in) increments if required. Operating depth can be precisely adjusted without the need for tools.

By utilising the Aercore 800's existing electro-hydraulic lift and lower system, the operator may raise the verticutter without the engine running. In work, the attachment's dual v-belt drive system engages when the coring head is lowered, and disengages when the coring head is raised.

Standard wheel scrapers eliminate any build-up of debris, to maintain a consistent verticutting depth. A convenient handle and bracket also allow the operator to lift the verticutter to a higher position if necessary.

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