0 New AFT Rope Sandbander provides the installation solution for innovative drainage system

AFT Rope Sandbander (2)

Sandbander enables effective sports turf drainage to be performed with minimal disruption, quickly and effectively.

Passive Capillary Drainage (PCD) comprises a stainless steel mesh core that can remove large quantities of water quickly using the dual gravity flow and capillary attraction method. The biggest advantage being it is very non-intrusive to greens and disruption is at an absolute minimum for clubs; especially for those that have a large amount of play.

The original AFT Sandbander revolutionised the way sand-slits are created on sports surfaces. The unique blade design and oscillating movement creates drainage slits filled with well-consolidated sand. These can also successfully divert surface water to existing lateral drains.

Capillary in soil

The new purpose built AFT Rope Sandbander is the only system that can position the PCD into a golf green at narrow spacings to create a network under the surface to drain water underground.

It features an oscillating plough blade with a hollow centre. The PCD is fed through this hollow section and is in effect 'placed' in the bottom of the freshly cut slit whilst sand is simultaneously deposited on top of the PCD throughout the slit depth. The key to minimising surface heave is the oscillation of the blade.

The AFT Rope Sandbander avoids intrusive and aggressive trenching, lifting or stripping of the turf. Re-instatement is minimal and the process is maintenance free.

A single green can typically be installed within a day, with play commencing immediately upon completion with only minimal disruption to the putting surface. When compared to traditional drainage schemes the installation cost is less but the surface drainage co-efficiency is greater.

The combined engineered approach taken by AFT and Aquaterra results in an impressive drainage system tailored to modern requirements for draining any sports turf surface.


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